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Infected Corinth?


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I was looking at the corinth prime and I got to thinking how cool it would look as an infected weapon, with the thin gold lines on the top replaced by pulsating veins and the pump part replaced by a squishy tumor.

I was thinking the infected Corinth could have much lower damage per shot, but basically spray a wide area with a mist of "microscopic parasites". The parasites do instant toxin damage on hit.

Though the multishot quantity is ridiculously high, and the spread is wider than usual, and the damage is a bit lower than normal per shot, I still feel like it would simply be too OP if left unchecked. So I figured, why not completely disable fire mods. This will not only prevent fire damage, but more importantly, it will prevent people from being able to use "blaze" which is super OP on some builds.

lets also add another light exchange and knock the clip down to 10 shots, and make the airburst take 2 shots and deal less damage than the corinth prime, but in exchange, it has a ridiculously high radius and a higher chance of knocking enemies down

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