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Door not opening on Railjack Mission : Proximia - Destroy the Radar Array Veil


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The two of us were completing this Railjack Mission, a third player joined us but ended up leaving half way through, so it took longer to destroy all the ships. After they were all destroyed and the crew ships were also gone, I (Silvos222) went in the Pulse Turbine to destroy the Radar Array but this door wouldn't open and the objective was on the other side. We tried killing the 20 sentients in the anomaly first, to see if that changed anything, it didn't. I tried to leave and rejoin Citian but it wouldn't let me.

We're mostly bummed at the eight Mark III Gear we had obtained since I have been spending hours trying to make my Railjack stronger. As well as the materials.

Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to all of your progress!





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