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this...is stratus


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This...is stratus


The meteorologist, the wether maker.

Stratus is a warframe that would be both supportive and damage. I'll draw stratus at some point but for now this is my concept

Stats: 325 health, 400 shield, 150 armor, 200 energy, 1.1 sprint speed

Passive: cloud cover. When in the air, you gain 40% evasion. Stratus also gains a significant speed boost in the air

1: sky ball. 15 energy 300 damge. Create a ball made of clouds that will bounce everywhere and dmage enemies on contact, and eventually explode after hitting enough surfaces. The ball can be infused with a element by attacking with a element, doing guaranteed status when exploding.

2: mending rain. 30 energy, 15s duration, 25m. Stratus will create a cloud over himself and alleys heads, increasing max health and will burst heal every 4 seconds

3: thunder armor. 70 energy, 20s duration, 20m. Stratus will call forth lightning on himself and alleys, charging them with electricity and covering them in lightning armor that will constantly fill shields and shock enemies that touch the armor. When times up, the armor will detonate into a blast of electrical energy

4: chaos storm. 100 energy, 20s, 35m, 1,200 BASE damage. Stratus will create a massive cloud that will rain down on enemies under the cloud. The storm cloud can be infused with a element to turn into acid rain, lava rain, lightning, snow, or metal spikes depending what element the cloud is hit with. The damage will turn into the respective elements damage type as well and have a 60% chance of status.

Welp! That was my idea. Think it's good? Hate it? Please please PLEASE give feedback/ideas. Ty!

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