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this...is Lancelot


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This... is Lancelot


The protector, the honor-bound

Hello! Another concept, if you haven't seen my previous concept I would greatly appreciate it if you took a peak! Anyway Lancelot would be a full on tank warframe

Stats: 200 armor, 525 shield, 600 health, 175 energy, Extremely low sprint speed

Passive: knight's pride. When below 40% health, gain twice your current shield

1: fortress. 30 energy, 15d, 10m. Lancelot creates four impenetrable shields around himself and alleys. Everyone in the fortress has small regen

2: will of steel. 54 energy, 25m, 20d. Lancelot hardens his will, increasing max health and armor for himself and alleys.

3: Calvary. 67 energy, 500 damage, 10 energy drain per sec. Lancelot soummons a mighty steed witch him and alleys can ride on, everyone on the steed will have there armor increased. The steed can charge into foes to ragdoll them and do impact damage.

4: guardian and grail. 70 energy, 25 energy drain per sec, 1,200 impact damage. Lancelot soummons a exalted tower shield and mace

As always, feedback helps me immensely! Thank you and enjoy :)

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