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Deimos Hunt(Common Avichea)


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Nightmare of 6 hours made me professional hunter in this game i cought all Deimos Species around 20 of each even couple of Avichea rare,

im sure im the thousand complainer about this issue , im so frustrated 

aa almost forgot flying with archwing located 2 of common Avichea shot them both AND THEY DISAPERED UNDERGROUND sorry dont bealive how much im angry...

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for those who struggle get the easiest way for now...

avoid everything fly straightly to "Cerebrum Magna" use the poop exactly behind that "mountain" theres is 2 points of calling 1 at the entrance to that mountain second on right middle wing of that mountain...

immediately after calling fly on top of that mountain leave the scope  for better focus w8 for birds sound open your scope he will be on top of you or coming from the front coming or not just w8 patiently when he stops on top of that mountain, afterwards go back to the city and repeat... couldnt find better way bealive me) 

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