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this...is orbit


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This...is orbit


The explorer, the cosmic

Heya! Third warframe concept i made. If you haven't seen my previous 2 concepts i would greatly appreciate it if you took a peak :))). Anyway, orbit would be a tactical ability-heavy frame

Stats: 400 health, 375 shield, 125 armor, average sprint speed, 400 energy

Passive: gravity lock: when attacking enemies, orbit has a 25% chance to randomly make the foe float in air

1: control. 10 energy per target, 300 impact damage per slam, 15m. Orbit controls the gravity of up to 6 enemies, at witch point he has full control over. He could slam them into the ground or fling them into the sky all at the flick of the wrist.

2: gravity well. 50 energy, 30m. Orbit draws in every moving thing (not including allies) to him, ragdolling enemies at his feet and pick ups to him and nearby allies directly.

3: zero. 64 energy, 25m, 30s. Orbit creates a dome of zero gravity that will make any and all foes float around aimlessly. All foes in the dome will have there armor stripped

4: dark star. 100 energy per dark star, 1,500 damage apon collapse. Orbit creates a black hole that will draw in everything similar to his 2, but instead of just drawing in foes, orbit can toggle the ability to make the black hole collapse on enemies. All pick ups absorb will be instantly used on orbit regardless of how close he is to the dark star. (Note that the dark star will collapse at the end of its duration automatically)

Welp, as always, feedback helps me immensely. Cya next time!

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