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Hello DEars <3


As I play this [nearly] perfect game that I've come to love so much as has been [kinda] saving me from depression and anxiety, I've been making notes. Some of them have been already fixed in recent patches so I already removed them from my list. Here's some suggestions [S] and bugs [B]:

Most of these are minor things that I don't expect to become a priority or even necessarily be solved/listened, as I know you guys have a huge to-do list... But they can/will improve the overall gaming experience, should you guys find the love and time to address any of them. <3


1) [S] Better rewards for Ivara's Pickpocket ability. -- Playing as stealth Ivara is incredibly fun sometimes to change the regular pace of the game, specially when playing solo. But her pickpocket ability feel very underwhelming. It could use better rewards, since most of the time is either ammo (which I never need) or a very tiny amount of a common resource.

2) [B] Fulmin weapon always display wrongly with the round magazine going to the other hand. -- I used to use Fulmin weapon quite a lot but I noticed that the "magazine" part of the weapon goes to the other hand and its a very funny visual bug (I believe) during the games. This happens not immediately but after you use the weapon for a bit during a mission. At some point the magazine goes to the other hand and looks ... wrong. XD

3) [B] Very often (for me at least) when Titania reaches extraction point in Pixie Form she doesn't appear entering the ship. -- This happens about 60% to 70% of the times when I fly to the extraction point. She doesn't leave Pixie Form to enter the ship and the ship animation + sound play without any Warframe. Just a "minor" visual bug.

4) [S] In-Game Auction-House-style Market where players can sell/buy items from other players. -- Having to use an outside website/app (warframe.market, riven.market, etc) to post or find sales then needing to find the other player online at the same time (not busy in a mission) to message and meet to trade is a horrible and outdated trading method, in my humble opinion. The best format I found in games for trading is the World of Warcraft's Auction House, where you can instantly buy/sell items and the item/mod/plat would arrive via mail message to the players. I can also understand if you guys don't want this as a maybe a way to reduce the amount of trades (thus maybe motivating players to farm or buy via plat on the regular market) or anything or the sort... If thats the case, just ignore this suggestion and its all good. 😝 But an Auction House Style Market between players would be awesome!!!

5) [S] An option to increase the quantity of enemies spawned, especially when playing solo, especially² for Excavation and Survival Missions. -- Fine, I can understand giving an option to increase enemies spawn would change farming dynamics and numbers... But perhaps allowing this option to be enabled only in solo play mode wouldn't interfere in this as much (as farming with a full squad would still be better, especially due to different warframe abilities usage (Nekros + Khora for example), and it would greatly improve the gaming experience for Survival (no further explanation needed for survival) and Excavation missions (since sometimes is super hard to find batteries for excavators when playing solo due to low enemy count). Anyway, just a suggestion, I'm sure others have suggested this before, but here was my arguments. Being a conscious decision of not allowing this option even in solo mode, just ignore it. 

6) [S] Being able to allow all pets to roam the orbiter. -- Okay, not "all pets" as in "if I have 30 kubrows," but 1 of each species would be cool. Or at least a higher number than only 1 pet roaming would be nice... Since we all love pets and the orbiter feel rather lonely without them. 😝

7) [S] Allow naming of Sentinels like we name kubrows and kavats. -- My Carrier Prime is as much as a pet as my kubrows and kavats... I love him so bad 😝. We could be able to name them as well. PS: If there is a way (like I know there's a way with MOAs) and I don't know, just ignore my newbieness. But I think there's not a way to name sentinels.

8) [S] Timed Mode in Nightmare is too easy? -- It starts with 5 minutes and adds a lot of time each kill. I feel I have more time in the "timed mode" than any other mode 😝 I don't do Nightmare Modes for a while, but I used to do them daily. And that was on my list.

9) [S] **Important** Controllable view on items for sale on the market. Some items view are locked and you can't control the viewing camera. It keeps turning by itself and often times I can't even see the item I was supposed to see. The angle is often horrible and I didn't buy the item (with platinum) many times because I really couldn't decide if I liked or not the item due to the horrible uncontrollable camera view angle. I guess this is important since it involves spending platinum in the in-game market. Please allow us to control the camera! It's fine to have an automated rotating camera (as it is now), but gives us an option to control it as well (like we can control in some other moments).

10) [S] On the "Mission Complete" screen, show the total amount of item/resource owned when hovering mouse over the item/resource. For example: 400 Cryotic Reward. When you hover mouse it shows "1000 Cryotic Owned".

11) [B] Not all pet toys are actually used by pets as toys? -- I bought 2 pet toys and I was disappointed to see my roaming pet actually doesn't play/interact with it at all (the spinning blue die and the square that keeps moving in a squared pattern... Yeah, this last phrase sounded funny). They are categorized as "pet toys" even though the pets don't interact with them. They should be categorized as orbiter decoration instead, then. I saw on a dev stream a pet playing with a giant ball and I assumed the pets would play or interact with anything categorized as "pet toy" and it was a disappointment when they didn't. PS: If it's a bug or it's somehow my fault they are not interacting and they should, just let me know or ignore this... 😝

12) [S] Is it just me or small fishes should somehow reward better than big fishes? 😝😝 -- I know, it sounds weird. But they are so much harder to catch (due to smaller target). Parts when cutting big fishes logically reward more, but maybe make small fishes reward more standing when traded than big ones? I don't know, might be a stupid idea, but it also feels weird that a harder catch rewards less in every way.

13) [B] Syndicate Medallions always spawn inside the wall in this particular map. I have like a million screenshots of different missions (in the same map) and there are always medallions inside the wall in this part. As someone who always tries to get 8/8 medallions, it feels bad to miss sometimes 2 or 3 medallions in the same mission cause they are inside the wall and its impossible to get.











14) [B] "Your ally needs your help to open the door" text won't disappear. -- Often times when an ally tries to open the door (that needs 2 people to open), the text "your ally needs your help to open the door" stays on the screen for the rest of the match, even much after opening the door.

15) [S] {Join} Session Chat Link. -- I leave here the idea of typing like [join] in clan chat, for example, and any players clicking the link it would generate would be able to join session/mission quickly and easily. Especially when asking clan mates for help in a mission or offering room to join a farm/session, they could just type "If someone can help [join]" or similar in the clan chat. Another option is to join the squad if the player in question is not in a mission. Like "Hosting Radiant Share Axi E1 [join]" and whoever wants to enter the squad just click in the link [join]. Should the squad be full, a message would appear "squad is full."

16) [B] **Important** Squad UI Bug when teammates queue a mission before you are back in the orbiter. -- I'm sure people must have said this quite a few times in the forum, but I couldn't leave this out of the mission since this is the worst bug that affects all the gaming experience, which is especially horrible when trying to open many relics. The only way to solve this if you are opening relics (especially when speed-running) is to close the game and re-open it, which takes longer than a lot of the relic missions, causing you to lose like 2 or 3 capture missions sometimes. When this happens once every other mission in public lobbies cause your loading back to orbiter is slower than most people and you have to close and re-open the game like 50 times in 1 day just to farm relics, it becomes quite a big problem. As you probably know, the bug is that all the squad UI and planet missions nodes disappear when this happens. When it's a regular mission (or a sortie, for example), you can simply ask the team to accept for you (force start mission) and it solves, but when its Index or Relics you can't, because you need to select the 50k credit or relic to join the mission... :'(


If you guys like these types of suggestions and feedback, let me know and I can keep making notes and bringing them.

Again, I know you are busy and have a huge to-do list, so, please, don't face this list as "fix those asap" kinda of vibe, and more like "check those if have the time" vibe. <3

Thanks, I love y'all.

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