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Anyone else's Prime gaming loot not being received even though it says claimed?


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hello everyone I hope all is well, I've recently started warframe back up after my PC account was hacked or deleted (not sure) and I have started the prime gaming and amazon prime subscription to gain access to the occasional boosters and loot and just to support DE because I love what they do for us, but even though they all say I've claimed them I haven't recieved any of the last 3-4 Prime gaming loot drops even after unlinking and then linking my account again I've made a ticket a while back but it's not been answered still and I only got amazon prime/prime gaming just to get the loot drops so its a bit disheartening that I can't get what I paid for but I've spent well over a thousand dollars on this game since I started back again two months ago and I got every thing with no issues from the market so it'd be really great if someone could resolve this issue for me so I can go back to throwing more money at my favourite game xD and dw im not spending beyond my means I just have some extra dough and I don't mind giving it to DE since they're providing us a free game that I would buy any day of the week if it wasn't free.

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