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Defense mode suggestions/QOL changes


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ill try to keep it short and right to the point:

defense mission types are too long and too boring because of 2 things:enemy AI and the fact one is not able to advance into the next wave untill that last enemy is gone.

It is way more boring if you are playing them solo, and it is EVEN more boring if you are playing in a big map or a map that is convoluted beyond reason and purpose
(misleading map and markers are not able to tell if the section you are going to is above or below)
(i am sure many tielests come to mind, no need to be specific here.)

possible solutions:

1: make the last (5 or 10 idk) enemies required to advance into the next wave spawn faster or have a "kill count threshold" only requiring that 2 or 5 out of those 10 to be killed before advancing into the next wave

2: make defense missions about DEFENDING not exterminations with a pod;
make defense about holding for a set amount of time per wave or per 5 waves as enemies spawn more and more as time goes on:
make enemies spawn progressively faster "1,2,4,8,16..." as the wave reaches its peak having more enemies towards the end instead of making them spawn "1 by 1"

the AI could deffinitely be improved but i dont know what to suggest as it is a field i have zero experience with.



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Honestly all we need is a button/console/etc that sounds all nearby alarms to cause an enemy rush instead of that slow rollout that makes almost no sense if they're truly trying to destroy the objective. 

As for OPs #2...last time I checked that is how things already escalate, just at a pretty slow pace. More 'spawn doors' open up and more will open simultaneously as the waves progress, it's just a slow climb and most maps can make it hard to tell(like that Corpus 'Pit' map...god I hate that map)

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