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Parvos Granum Cosplay, house hold item only ****guide****


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Parvos Granum household only cosplay

I haven’t done this because I would get in trouble lmao and I don’t own the correct colors 

Reference picture https://i.imgur.com/fCHZseI.jpg
Or use the quest page in the codex pre completion.

1-yellow mitten/glove

2- two pairs of jeans

3-an orange pot/fryer

Put on the yellow mitten(or glove) to replicate the golden hand

Place the waist spot for the jeans near each shoulder to replicate that scarf thingy near parvos’s shoulder

And wear the pot/fryer as a hat to replicate his headwear


(P.S:if you manage to win using this guide, please give me a cut. 150 plat will be more than enough)

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