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DE Please CONSIDER this


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PLEASE when you rework  zephyr? Make her 1 a FLOAT buff that gives you unlimited aim glide  and double jumps for a duration. Make the drop kick? Her current tailwind/ dive bomb depending on aim when pressed. Take away her 4 and make it so that her 2 when held, generates a big tornado that stays in place and sucks in mobs and strips 10% sheilds and armor per sstatus proc. Up to 4 can be made. make pull radius = To power. Make her 3 additionally disperse gas clouds, and make her new 4 a buff that gives atk speed/ crit chance / atk range and FLOAT status to AIR melee atks mobs hit by them respectively, AND a built in pax soar air break to shots fired. . Her 2 can be passable with helminth with fixed pull radius, and up to 2. And make tornados proc multi eles that are tossed at it. Keep her passive the same, but adds 1 duration to her 1 per status proc. With this she gets flight, mobility, cc, strip, AND unique air dps. AND its not over the top op

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