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Funny and also dumb in my opinion reason I got banned, 18+(technically) under spoiler [Case solved]


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I said in region 



What is Moby $&*^'s dad's name?

Papa Boner.



                                                                                                                           Only read below if you are bored


Book on why that ban was dumb, and a belief that won't change. From my perspective I see this as an unbiased lens.

Value I

I have 1,500 platinum remaining to buy Frost and Ember sets and I don't know when this damn thing is ending though I just got it, I was gonna buy even more but now I might not get the time before the end of the event, it was a manual ban, the chat ban should not apply to private message,


I had to send gifts to friends saying that I was chat banned, I have to name my Kavat "Chat Banned"

Value II

It's a hassle, because ghosting me from chats that aren't region is stupid, trading is what gives the game value, people buying platinum at the lower or non discounts gives the game value, the reputation around region chat wasn't getting damaged over a silly joke like that.


But there a common human trait, like beginning to be a cop, you will scream hands in the air or take a little traffic violation so serious it's almost personal while you have high energy, and then mostly become more chill as time goes on as most people do. That moderator that manually banned me had new cop syndrome, whether or not they are new or not.


What I will look like if it was an autoban, but many things point to a manual ban, but if I showed what made me think that they'd think I have all the knowledge on being some rebel or something.


Unbanned after 3 hours, I can't tell if it was a mod or bot.


It was a mod.

Culmination II

I continued being a jackass and got removed from all chats again after just region, I am done with the chatting now besides trades after this is lifted. I wasn't getting banned for these antics for 2 weeks then I start getting popped from a particularly anger moderator. I'd normally get some laughs and gift people funny gifts, but it's come to an end.


                                                                             THE END



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