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Warframe documentary idea - seeking help


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For these couple of weeks I've been planning a new video for my channel. My goal for the coming video is to be 30-35 minutes long documentary about the Grineer. I want to combine it with music, narration and cinematic to hopefully create something enjoyable. But I'm looking for help, I'm honestly not a very good script writer. If anyone thinks they can help me please respond either through a reply or add me on discord at Soupcan #3737. I might create a group chat if more than one person could help me. I can provide more details once you message me. But in short i need help with writing a script about the Grineer, and keep in mind, it should not be a super long script, a good portion of the documentary will be a cinematic showcase of the Grineer.

I'm looking for help mainly in script writing, but any help would be greatly appreciated. If this goes well I can even continue and move onto other factions like the Corpus, Infested, etc Who knows, if this video idea blows up and somehow i get paid i wouldn't mind sharing the money i make...who knows. If anyone is interested please let me know. Thank you!

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