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Host migrations are still breaking bounties every time, nullifying your time in-game.


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Host migrations are still breaking bounties every time it happens.

The mission objective will continue as normal but once you do it, the bounty will fail and not give you any item for that stage progress, will just display empty "Bounty stage complete" window and not start the next stage.

This happened on tier 3 isolation vault to me just now, when escorting Otak. After host migration I led him to the door successfully, and the bounty immediately failed without giving me a change to open the vault, not giving me any items for completing it without the vault like it normally does.

Host migrations happen every single day that I play the game. This is beyond ridiculous. I am extremely tired of the game nullifying my playtime with this bullS#&$. This really makes me not want to play this game anymore. Constant game breaking bugs every SINGLE time I play.

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