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Integrating Fashion Frame Showoffs As An Event?


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So I imagine something along this vein has been suggested before, but I imagine warframe has like 95% of the program already existing to make something like this happen.


What is it:
Ok, so let's be real: Any veteran warframe player has probably invested as much time into designing their warframe's appearance as actually forma'ing that frame. For their favorite frames, longer. And for me in particular, I won't even play frames I can't make look good. Fortuna 69 used to have basically regular fashionframe exposes by the community, but Warframe itself, despite a long list of cosmetics, has almost nothing engaging that aspect besides the community hubs where we show off a bit.


How would we set something like this up:
Currently, any piece of equipment/warframe/weapon/riven mod can be viewed by [TypeNameHere] or just in the Armory clicking the link. In my estimation, a setup like this would need an armory-esque function on a hub, where you would take your 'submission' for any event to it, and click in (scanning in skin, syndana, emphira, attachments, and colors into the database of submissions for easy viewing. Everyone gets one submission per event duration. This would allow DE to give a condition (Like use Pink in the range of a specific color set somewhere on the frame, use a certain attachment/syndana, or even frame-specific stuff as a parameter for the contest) and it prevents the 100x of uploads needed for captura stuff as well as the 'be online during this event' issue. Also allows expansion to certain weapons if needed.

The biggest issue would be sorting through these submissions. I don't have a great answer for this, but perhaps we could have it people allowed to 'vote' in 10-round styles (just display 3 different sets at a time, the voter would choose their favorite for each round and total it up. Again, not a real answer.

Why do this:
Well... It engages the community in an event that isn't really a content island, since we're always looking to show off frames in some style. Second, winners (or even top ten) could have the load outs /color pallets accessible in a room in the relay for other players to grab and use as their own (cosmetics permitting) which would allow the community to gain access to cool appearances for frames they might not have prettied up properly. A simple reward like a free cosmetic given to the winners or some random grab bag of items (or displaying those frames in a side room in one of the relays where you get the fashion data in the first place) would easily incentivize participation and it's not like DE is going to lose anything out on that, especially when the winning sets will probably inspire a good number of people to buy the missing cosmetics to fill out their frame to match the winners.

And really, pokemon has had beauty pageants for years and you couldn't even customize anything but the name in RSE. We're like an MMO but with 100x more customization, we really should try to celebrate it in as many ways as possible.


Admittedly, I have 0 idea how much data goes into a single one of those loadout datasets for coloration nor how much drain it would cause, but really... engaging the fashion part of this game would help counterbalance the amount of drought we get into between releases as it might even inspire us to find new mains.

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