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Bug on Deimos: Ally Necramech and Limbo.


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As the title states, There is a bug that prevents Limbo/Primes abilities from working properly in the presence of an “Ally Necramech” on Deimos (while Vome is out playing). Just to name a few (because I can’t upload a video directly to point it out more clearly)

  • Dodging with limbo let’s him enter the rift, but in the presence of an ally Necramech in free roam, Limbo is immediately cast out the moment he enters by dodging.
  • Cataclysm is rendered completely useless in range of an ally Necramech alongside stasis as its prevention also makes enemies immune to limbos cataclysm. (Enemies can still be banished with his 1st but you can’t enter it to cast them back into the physical plane.

this leaves Limbo and his prime variant in a very vulnerable position while Vome is present, especially during bounties that don’t involve the isolation vaults.

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