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  1. Current Stealth System

    Have you tried using a raksa dark dagger (obtained from red veil at the rank of exalted) it reduces your detection radius while Equipped from which enemies will only be able to see you if you are 10m or closer.

    Maybe the DE can make it so that with each defeat the stalker suffers from a particular player, the more difficult he becomes for that player with the next time he arrives, make it so that the stalkers level rises by 5-10 with each time he is defeated, the higher the stalkers level is, the more likely he is to drop rare goods such as blueprints for agony, despair, etc instead of the same dread blueprint every time. However, should that player fall to the stalker, the stalker will leave knowing that justice is served (but more accurately, his level will drop back down to nominal levels as will the increased chance at rare goods.) High Risk = High Reward. P.s. This idea came to mind when learning about the Index (about how the enemies level rises with each kill/point capitalised.) I figured the stalker could use the same levelling formula.
  3. Community Sourced: Octavia Augments

    Mentallical Resonation Resonator Augmentation: Octavia projects her melodical mind into the resonator, assuming direct control of it for the duration at a cost. Mod energy cost: Unranked: Assume Control of the Resonator at the cost of 20 Energy per second. Rank 1: Assume Control of the Resonator at the cost of 17 Energy per second. Rank 2: Assume Control of the Resonator at the cost of 14 Energy per second. Max Rank: Assume Control of the Resonator at the cost of 10 Energy per second. Notes: Energy Cost per second is affected by ability Efficiency. Energy Cost per second is affected by Ability Duration. (Longer duration = reduced energy cost.) Ability Strength & Range are unaffected as the ability by itself is affected by default. Mallets are automatically picked up when a controlled resonator moves near one. Trivia: Mentallical Resonation was inspired by the concept of Ivara's second Ability "Navigator". The word "Mentallical" is a unique combination of "Mental", "Metal" & possibly "Metallica" if plausible.
  4. Defense problem moon first sortie

    I find it to be easier with limbo as you can banish the operative temporarily & just on the last few seconds, cataclysm followed immediately by stasis & shred through them with a powerful melee weapon (I used orvius.) namely, limbo makes defense/mobile defense/excavation missions trivial if built correctly. just remember not to take too much damage or pretty much any damage as there is the radiation hazard which can be disastrous as you can "Accidentally" down the operative in this instance.
  5. (Name Pending) the Dream/Nightmare Frame

    It needs a lot more work from there (such as sprint speed, armor, health, shielding, etc.) but it looks alright for the time. just make sure you plan ahead when putting more work into such a good creation. (I should know as I am currently working on a masterpiece myself that the DE can use with impunity.)
  6. Kavat 101 -A Full Breeding Guide

    When was the last time you revised your kavat 101 guide. the shrine of the eidolon update made it so that all standard incubators work just like a nutrio incubator (5% decay ratio & auto-stasis when DNA is at 5%) & upgrading to a nutrio incubator drastically reduces the cost of DNA stabilizers from 75,000 down to 5,000. Kavats are the only creatures in the world of warframe who's loyalty does not degrade upon death or over time. (in other words: infinite head scratches.)
  7. Orvius vs Glaive Prime charged throw

    Orvius is one of the most Powerful weapons there is, Give it Condition overload & build it for just gas to go with the cold damage & it can do some serious damage. on a side note: consider pairing it with the Cycron (Cycron Regenerates ammo overtime when not fired) but building Cycron for status chance & Viral Radiation can make a good difference (considering it still procs heat despite only labelling the statistics as dealing viral & radiation only) thus making it possible "Beforehand" to deal flame damage with 100% stat proc but the added viral & radiation go by the status chance statistic which can be increased with pistol pestilence and other such stat increasing mods. However, when the beam weapon changes come in on console & the Cycron deals radiation damage, I'll be switching up the elements to deal corrosive & blast damage alongside its already awesome capabilities. back on topic: an Orvius built for cold & gas with Condition Overload & a Cycron with different elements that the Orvius doesn't have can lead to some surprising results when combined. for more possibilities on condition overload, consider checking out the warframe wiki page for it below. http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Condition_Overload otherwise, refer to this sheet for details. (Note that the Bullet attractor effect from mags abilities and the Scourges Alt. Fire count towards the Condition Overload) Damage Multipliers Status Effects Multiplier 0 1x 1 1.6x 2 2.56x 3 4.10x 4 6.55x 5 10.49x 6 16.78x 7 26.84x 8 42.95x 9 68.72x 10 109.95x 11 175.92x 12 281.47x 13 450.36x
  8. Phage Build; More Damage or Multishot or Punchthrough

    Have you considered using the Vicious Spread mod with the phage, because according to this quotation (found on the warframe wiki) it can be useful to a degree. particularly considering that vicious spread grants 90% damage on top of what your phage already has equipped. Vicious Spread and Tainted Shell will only affect the initial spread of the beams. The time taken for the beams to converge as well as the spread of the beams once focused will remain the same, making the spread components ineffective at reducing the efficacy of the weapon to deal focused damage at full focus." putting it simply: the extra spread from Vicious spread will have no effect on the focused beam which can bring greater potential. P.S. I am currently building my Phage & if I find any interesting combinations, I'll be sure to let you know as infested weaponry/frames are somewhat of an obsessed specialty of mine. (only to an extent.) there is also the possibility of adding the combination of Magnetic & Gas to make the Phage one heck of a beam weapon. (possibly more useful with a max rank combustion beam mod.)
  9. Regarding Chroma

    there is always the option of buying Chroma with platinum directly from the vast selection of warframes (warframes bought with platinum come with their own warframe slot along with an orokin catalyst built into it for double mod capacity.)
  10. inaros HP dropped even with modes bellow 1300

    If you are using a bleeding key, might I recommend frames such as Frost (Prime) or Harrow, namely those with good armour & high shields (Harrow is a good choice due to his double overshield passive.)
  11. Change Phage from Shotgun to Rifle Ammo

    What I am trying to say is that instead of holding the L trigger to tighten the beam(since it is the only current method thus far), one could switch to a focused beam or seven widespread beam by using the secondary Fire button (namely clicking the R stick.) thus giving the phage a similar formula to that of the Zarr, you know, clicking the R stick in to switch between Cannon & Flak modes respectively.
  12. Change Phage from Shotgun to Rifle Ammo

    Maybe the Phage should be given the "Zarr Treatment". you know, make it so that the Phage can switch between fire modes like the zarr when changing between Cannon & Flak modes except for the phage, the phage would switch between seven beams of widespread destruction or a singular beam of long range devastation which could have a similar toggle to the Zarr, this could improve the phages versatility exponentially with a bit of testing.
  13. More stats & slightly better critical procs usually means melee weapons with condition overload will benefit from the additional stats procs coming from the atomos. (I find an atomos with ruinous extension, radiation damage/any element of choice & seeker make for a dangerous secondary considering it chains from targets, punching through mobs to hit more targets could increase the chaining potential, existensionally making the atomos a deadly crowd control secondary.)
  14. Does Everyone miss Space Mom?

    Good Riddance to the lotus. ("I curse the lotus in the name of the Helminth. the helminth who has never left my side since sitting in the Chair. who helped nurture my true power & potential as I grow powerful in its name.") ("The Helminth is our true Master. embrace the Helminth. let the Helminth telepathically guide you on your journey of self-discovery")
  15. Making Inaros more Interesting

    I agree with one of the above posts from the commentary, but a few things to note @EchoesOfRain Devour is perfect in its own sense that if low health Allies need a heal, they can devour the trapped enemy (know though that not every player knows how to work inaros's abilities and will most likely shoot them, which is why it is recommended to co-ordinate accordingly so that the team can better use this synergistic power as devouring an enemy renders you invincible until you either kill the enemy or you stop all together.) but when inaros devours the target completely, it costs additional energy to create a sand shadow and if you devour certain enemies (such as boilers) the sand shadows of that enemy can actually summon friendly reinforcements that do not disappear over time but will most likely get killed by enemies, this is something you should note. while sandstorm is cumbersome speed wise, the player can still look around but most of the screen will be hard to see through what with all the sand, but it is a great CC move that can do moderately serious damage with the elemental sandstorm augment mod that procs additional effects with a 50% chance based on your current melee weapons mods, it also consumes trapped targets and turns them into sand shadows if you have the energy (note: if you have rage/hunter adrenaline equipped to inaros, taking damage will build energy even while using sandstorm and prolong it for extended periods of time.) scarab armor works completely to the latter, it provides bonus armor that adds on to the armor you already have via mods, however, it is advised to discharge a portion of scarab armor in the later times in defence/survival missions as using it against enemies too early will not benefit as much until later on when they are harder to kill, thus bringing in a constant healing factor based on damage done by the skill itself (which deals corrosive damage by the way.) this also makes defection missions trivial as scarab armor can be used to heal any Kavor defectors in range very fast without the need for med-bays, thus outlining the fact that inaros truly is the saviour of the people of mars. (lore wise.) another thing to note is that discharging scarab armor against enemies also stuns them for a while which also spreads to nearby foes in range for the remaining duration of the original discharge. if you are smart enough (& I am sure you are) you will undoubtedly find a way to build your Inaros around these problems and make him the best team frame around as well as a solo frame.