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Nightwave: Catchup Mechanic: Disappearing/Fail to show Recovered Tasks


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Came back after months away. Decided to try to see if I can pull off lvl 30 nightwave before it ends. Knocked out all current week tasks. I started at about lvl 2 nightwave for the day. New ones arrived just fine for a while and got to about lvl 15 or 16 in the first day. Until a 3x sortie task appeared with 2/3 from before I took the break. This then hung me up because I had to do 1x sortie for prior task and could not repeat. Then I noticed (related or not) that new recovered tasks in the other 2/3 slots were failing to show up and I was left with ONLY the 3x sortie task that could not be completed in a single day. Decided to sleep on it and try again next day. Next day I was given only 1 additional nightwave recovered task totaling 2 of the 3 supposed possible. I was able to finish the 3x sortie with a fresh day and was promptly met with being reduced to a single task for the day yet again. It's currently stuck on hydrolist for 7k and I'm lvl 18 nightwave. Cannot complete until night, but there are also no other tasks when there should be 3 total. I looked around and it was suggested to restart game, do a mission and return to orbiter... Nothing is working and I am to conclude the UI for nightwave is simply bugged into failing to correctly provide 3 recovery missions, which is really unfortunate for those who will otherwise not be able to complete the season should it not be fixed.

tldr: Nightwave recovered missions from prior weeks failing to show up in Nightwave UI. Cannot progress.

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