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Frost rework concept! - the modernized, zoomy cold ninja.


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disclaimer: loosely inspired by Brozime's rework concept.



  • passive: Chills - while standing on Frozen Ground, Frost gains Life Regeneration (x per second), Armor, and Sprint Speed, while losing Friction. All of Frost's abilities cost X% less when cast while standing on Frozen Ground.


  • 1: Freeze - A frigid energy blast that freezes targets in their tracks, and spreads Frozen Ground. Freeze has 2x impact radius when cast while standing on Frozen Ground. Casting Freeze on ground that is already frozen causes it to expand. Casting Freeze on a Snow Globe causes it to implode, dealing heavy damage to all enemies caught within it.

(doesn't change much, only major differences would be spreading Frozen Ground and having a larger radius when cast while standing on it, it'd be the cheapest way to spread Frozen Ground over a large area, energy-wise)


  • 2: Ice Wave - Sends a wave of razor sharp, crystallized ice toward enemies, dealing heavy damage and causing enemies to bleed (% Status Chance based on PWR STR), while spreading Frozen Ground. Ice Wave has 2x Width and Length when cast while standing on Frozen Ground.

(some changes to make Frost have some sort of scaling damage, while rewarding the player more for building STR. this would have a massive range when cast on Frozen Ground, allowing Frost to move a lot more around the map and spread tons of Slash. I think it'd be really fun and intend for this to be their bread and butter)


  • 3: Snow Globe - Frost deep freezes any vapour and moisture in the area, creating a protective sphere and miniature blizzard that freezes and bleeds enemies (% Status Chance based on PWR STR), while emiting a Cold aura that slows enemies (% Status Chance based on PWR STR) and spreads Frozen Ground. While inside Snow Globe, Frost has Energy Regeneration (1/s), and can recast Snow Globe to bring it back to full health.

(I feel this would allow Frost to compete with Limbo for the Defense throne, gives him some more defensive capabilities in case the enemies manage to get up close, and encouraging him to drop the globe, move around, and come back to it. also it doesn't have increased range when cast on Frozen Ground on purpose, because having a massive Snow Globe is very often detrimental to the mission, but if you want one you could still build for Range and be happy)


  • 4: Avalanche - tap to summon a treacherous landslide of ice that instantly freezes all enemies in its radius, spreading Frozen Ground. Hold to shatter all enemies that are frozen or afflicted with Cold in X metres, dealing massive damage to and around said enemies, and causing profuse bleeding (% Status Chance based on PWR STR) to any enemies caught in the explosion. Avalanche has 2x radius when cast while standing on Frozen Ground.

(the one ability that'd be changed the most, it would allow the player to choose whether they want just to spread Frozen Ground around and CC enemies, or if they want to nuke the area with some good scaling damage. I feel the "being frozen or affected by Cold" requirement stops it from being a "press 4 to win" skill and makes it more interactive and fun)


so, with all that said, what do you folks think?

the idea is to make Frost into a viable caster frame, while giving him some scaling, survivability, and tons more mobility - all that without making him overwhelming to play (cough Harrow cough) or overloading his kit (or making huge changes) - just updating him to be more in line with how the game is played and giving him an actual gameplay loop (dropping his globe, zooming around the map freezing and killing fellas, and coming back to his globe to refresh it), since he lacks one.

also Frozen Ground would expire after X seconds but as I said before, I don't really have any idea about the numbers.

also also Snow Globe would have a fixed amount of health (based on Armor and PWR STR still) that can be refreshed - no longer reinforced - and would have a UI element that'd show its current health, letting the player know if they need to come back and refresh it.

TL;DR: zoomy Frost with some slash procs, tons more casting, some more survivability and CC.

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I really like this because it leans into his theme of being a frame that removes the heat from an area and turns the battlefield into his frozen domain. It also reminds me of the warframe that is depicted in Rahetalius' Warframe Development video, which is more the warframe I would want to play than the one we have atm. And I have also wanted for a long time now a warframe that possess the ability to create a large storm of some kind, (like Inaros but not as S#&$).

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