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  1. This has been said for the longest time. And with the recent change to Sevagoth, it shows how good a change like this would be for Grendel. He has needed this change since his arrival. He is the great devourer, but at the moment he gets a tummy ache after a minute.
  2. I would like to share my thought on the Forma lathered frame, Sevagoth. Passive Make it so that Sevagoth gains benefits of having the Death Well full, e.g. empower his abilities. For example, casting Sow at 100%, causes Sow to increase in lethality. Reap Make it so the Reap and Sow combo is more potent or at least visible. Add the Death's Harvest DoT that it mentions in the tooltip, or remove it. 2nd Ability: Sow Add recast and remove drop off. 3rd Ability: Gloom: Increase base slow to 40%, makes reaching the max slow cap a little easier.
  3. I was in ESO levelling up my Shadow and Claws when I suddenly fell under the map as the Shadow. I used /unstuck, it brought me back, but then when I jumped it took me to the top of the sky box. I fell back down eventually but my screen kept glitching, it would turn and till the FOV. From then on, when I was Sevagoth, my FOV was set to the minimum and I could only reset it by using operator. Later, in the same ESO, I was taken out of Shadow form and then locked out of Operator. Then when I tried to go into Shadow form again, Simaris locked me out of the ability, and then none of my abilit
  4. If you look at the announcement console on the Orbiter there is a countdown till the update, which is 7pm bst
  5. Thank you, I will prep the ESO bath, give him a good soak in Forma
  6. Same, I just want something about the updates release. I haven't spent the past month grinding forma to lather on Sevagoth for nothing.
  7. Mirage Deluxe is said to be coming with Update 30, where as none of the new tennogen have a release date yet.
  8. Same, especially since PC ends up being the beta test area for all other updates, and even when they spend ages trying to stop bugs, the updates are still buggy messes.
  9. If it's gonna be that, then it will suck, but they have no excuse for half the S#&$ they get away with. Like, if they are struggling to get content out, communicate, if not then why is there such a ridiculous gap between content draughts. I know that they are always pouring their heart and souls into getting content out for us, but a line has to be drawn somewhere.
  10. That's the issue, the 'in development' tag means nothing with DE, because like you said, it means it could either be 1 or 3 weeks from now. And like I said in the previous comment, 3 weeks is all they have left, otherwise they miss their launch window they talked about. But the fact that this one post about 'in development' is all we get in ways of communication from DE, plus their once a month Devstream BS, I wouldn't be surprised if 'something comes up' and they postpone the launch.
  11. The devstream will most likely be on the 30th, and anything after that is May, which isn't their release window. But let's hope they actually follow through with something finally.
  12. Same here, I don't know what to do, the game is unplayable at times
  13. This isn't really a Railjack thought, but ever since the update hit, I've been getting serious FPS drops, not just in Railjack but elsewhere as well. I've tried lowering my graphics qualities, doesn't help.
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