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  1. I have a strange idea, it could be that Revenant releases a Vommalyst onto the field that flies around nearby Revenant or in a specific area and inside that area the Vommalyst enthralls enemies that come near it, and if those enemies die, instead of becoming pillars that enter the spectral form and become extremely aggressive and run at enemies to explode on death, and surviving enemies have a chance to become enthralled. And another idea would be to change his spin to win to be more like the giant laser that the Gauntalyst has where he sticks his hand into the air, and then can target w
  2. The vaults hold more fearsome creatures, than just the infested, Tenno...
  3. I love Xaku, their kit is really fun I and I think these buffs are great and a step in the right direction for them. The only thing that I ask for is a little bit more range on Gaze and maybe make the Vast Untime have and aura effect that applies the void damage debuff and the slow to enemies who come within range. Or make it so that the evasion on the Vast Untime is mod able to 100%, this would make it so that Xaku can survive in the late game, allow them to get closer to enemies without have to buff any ranges or base stats in order to keep them safe in the late game. It wouldn't be overpowe
  4. Can DE please do something about Latrox on the Core Samples bounty and the drop rate of the Xaku Chassis blueprint, because I have ran that mission 10 times I haven't gotten the blueprint once, nor has Latrox finished his god damn upload, so I don't get the bonus bounty, it's disgustingly infuriating.
  5. On this bounty, one of the stages is you have to defend a guy while collecting samples. The sample drop rate is really low, which throws off the momentum of the mission and then once you've collected the samples he needs to upload them. Which would be fine if there wasn't a timer for him to do it in, as he uploads it so slowly so I can never get the bonus for that stage and can't get the bonus at the end. .
  6. Yee, there are quite a few bugs with the cutting, and certain bounties too.
  7. Upon further testing, it seems to be the case for all other fish as well, I get 1 of each even if I cut multiple.
  8. When I go to cut the vetreospina I only get 1 spinal core section, no matter how many I cut at once, but if I do them 1 at a time, I get 1 spinal core section each time. This is bug because if I cut 5 at once I get 1, but if I cut 5 individually I get 5. It's just an agitating bug and it wastes a little bit of time.
  9. Epoch is a waframe who uses time and space manipulation to ruin his enemies, whether this is by setting a timer before your enemies immanent demise or by using the immaterial against them. For Epoch, a battle is either won over an era or in a single second. Stats: Health: 125 (375) Shield: 150 (450) Armour: 125 Energy: 120 (270) Sprint Speed: 1.05 Passive: Timed Restoration Upon taking lethal damage, Epoch isn't put into the dying state, rather he encapsulates himself in an orb of energy and rewinds his personal timeline, reverting himself to a he
  10. oof, I was just asking a question, yeah I'd want like 2 more umbra forma. Sue me. Didn't mean to upset anyone.
  11. As more and more builds end up using at least one of the umbral mods for late game content and umbral forma comes about twice a year with Nightwave, I would love more ways to obtain it, even if it means I need to get 125,000 standing with a faction in order to get it. And with the Heart of Deimos coming out, which is tied to the Helminth, which makes warframes like Excalibur Umbra, it would make some sense that the reward you get at the Atrati max rank is an Umbral Forma blueprint. It would set the new open world from the others as it becomes more than just a farm and forget and gives older pl
  12. I watched the whole of the stream on Wednesday and I didn't get Harrow's Systems. What do I do to get them or will I have to farm them instead?
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