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  1. Yee I use the galvanised mods too, but it still feels like a missed opportunity, where they could reward players with hybrid combat and resource management if they made it so that the counter wouldn't reset unless the mag hit 0. I love the mod, the colourful numbers make my ape brain happy, I just want that little bit more.
  2. I've been using the Soma Prime and the Hata Satya mod since it came out, and I really enjoy using it, but I feel like I don't get the most out of it unless I have Energized Munitions or Xata's Whisper or Toxic Lash. Not to mention, I lose all stacks if I want to switch to melee or my secondary. It feels awkward to use. Would buffing it so that things like Garuda's bloodletting or the Synth mod don't reset the counter be too op and making it so the using melee doesn't gut it either? The Soma Prime is far from 'Meta' and is in general a decent primary. If sounds good, looks good and feels good to use. But in order to use this mod to it's fullest I have to build my warframe a specific way and not use another weapon in order to get the most out of the mod.
  3. I just wish the Tenet Diplos wasn't a 2 bullet burst for the lock on. If it was able to still be full auto, then I think I would be great fun on the Open World maps. Could even make Yareli fun.
  4. Revenant is Vampire Frame disguised as an Eidolon, at least with the new frame's passive, they are some what Sentient with their Damage Adaptation. I love Revenant, but he isn't a Sentient themed frame.
  5. Hell yeah, I've been waiting for the rerun. Will we see any new info about the Sentient Themed Warframe?
  6. Update. It has been over a month since I last attempted the Waverider quest. I finally completed it and it still doesn't feel like a quest. The K-Drives are still buggy and clunky, and the whole quest can be done in 1 area on fortuna. With that being said. I did really enjoy the graphica. The illustrations were really well done and the short story was nicely done.
  7. Same, the whole K-Drive system feels so janky, even for Warframe's standards. The comic looks amazing, I love the story, but it is another example of grind > reward. For me, having to do all that for the chance to play a warframe that I may not even like feels not worth it, especially as i have to make a new Dojo room just to get her parts.
  8. I thought to myself, well they haven't let me down so far with the missions for Warframes, especially story based ones. But this is absolute trash. I got 1 page in and I saw the comic, and then I saw another list of challenges. And I'm done, it took me 1 part of the mission to turn around and say I'm not having fun, using K-Drives is fun, doing K-Drive stuff, is fun. but forcing us to do specific stuff as a mission feels S#&$. I'm just so disinterested in the quest. I'm dissappointed.
  9. Were you affected by a radiation proc by any chance? If you were then Gara's Mass Vitrify will glass friendlies as well. It doesn't have to be you, your friend could have had had the proc as well.
  10. Will any future prime weapons be getting passive mechanics, like the Pyrana Prime has? When will raids be coming back?
  11. So no Devstream at all this month and no explanation?
  12. Will any of these QoLs in the next patch be for any warframes?
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