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[German] khora's 2 description translate error - 'Peitschenklaue' should be 'Klauenpeitsche'


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first of all: the german translation of Khora's "Whipclaw" is "Klauenpeitsche" - which literally translates to "Clawwhip";
IMHO, "Klauenpeitsche" is correct, as it describes a whip (made of claws or using claws),
while "Peitschenklaue" more describes a claw (that has/uses whips)...

In the translation of Khora's 2, when describing that Whipclaw is refreshing/restarting Ensnare,
the German translation now uses "Peitschenklaue" -- this should be "Klauenpeitsche"
("Peitschenklaue wird die Falle erneuern, um mehr Gegner fangen zu können" - should be "Klauenpeitsche wird die Falle...")!

[for any other translations of Whipclaw (like Strangledome description or translation/description of "Accumulating Whipclaw" augment),
 always only "Klauenpeitsche" is used]

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