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Arbitration Survival bugged?


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Was trying to do an Infested survival arb but it was basically impossible. The enemy spawns were extremely low, like 5 enemies in the same room your in or less. Enemies seemed to be staying only in side rooms or not moving at all. When you could find enemies (and they were actually moving) they moved very slowly. It was almost as if everyone in the squad was running Infested Impedance. Only it was map wide or something. Just to be clear all of us were running Steel Charge. You could not find enough enemies to kill to keep the life support up. We had to use all the air towers on spawn and it still wasn't enough. I left at 20 minutes because we ran out of life support. I typically stay in arbs 2-3 hours so yeah... PSA: Don't bother trying to do any survival missions I guess, unless your only planning on staying 10 minutes or less.

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