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Important Gameplay Issue; Unable to Jump on Controller when using charged abilities


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I tried to report this at Zendesk but got no luck. They asked me to send this here even though I am 100% certain DE doesn't look here.


The issue is that on controller, using abilities like Ember's fireball prevents jumping, and due to human finger limits, unable to adjust camera and move at the same time.


But on keyboard, you're freely allowed to jump when charging an ability. I'm under the opinion currently the game is not controller friendly, even on PC. 


A suggested change would be to make the R1/RT/R button on controllers(ps, xbox, switch, and steam) where if you hold it down after selecting an ability you keep the ability charged, letting you release the ability 1 button, giving you the ability to jump, parkour, and easily adjust the camera and move and keep it charged. Once you release the shoulder button you can launch the ability.


It just seems really counter productive to limit movement on all controllers for using a charged ability while keyboard users don't have to go through this issue at all.

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