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Gradivus Dilemma Question.



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first one, I don't know.
second one, No. the event will only hand out ONE weapon of the two, the weapon that would be handed out would be of the winning faction.
if you supported the winning faction you'll get the weapon supercharged and with a weapon slot. If you supported the losing faction you get the winning faction's weapon's blueprint. And also, DERebecca stated that either one of the faction must have a higher point than the other, meaning 1 - 0 or 2 - 1 and so on and so forth.

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ok, thank you very much for your time, but i want to precise, the second question is for exemple, i did help both faction and i did 100 battle on both side. And in the end of the event, the corpus win.(exemple) Will i just get a handcannon and a prova OR i will get those 2 and plus the bps.


If you make 100 games on grineer and 100 on corpus you will have 0 point and get nothing.

You can see on profile your points on every faction under Rank - Gradivus Grineer and Gradivus Corpus.

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