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Steel Path Defense Mission


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was playing SP Defense at mars At the end of mission when u clicked extraction on the screen, game disabled my UI but continued the mission as usual but instead of waves it was just unending spawn of enemies like hundreds upon hundreds just rushing in it was of no consequence however i kept killing them all because i was playing khora and had a wukong specter active so as i was killing after about 4 minutes i got extraction page AGAIN (still on same wave 15 as i was when i initially tried to extract) and then game disabled my movement and made the defense target invincible and spawned SO many enemies that game went to 5FPS and overheated my laptop so naturally i press ALT+F4 after i came back game did have all the loot i have collected (yes even the ones after i should have extracted and all is good on that front but this shouldn't happen please look into it!

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