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Problem about Shot down Grineer Bombard Rockets


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Grineer Bombard Rockets are can be shot down.

in game tip said so.
also wiki said.

"hey but Rockets are too tiny"
"its so difficult to see"

yeah yeah i know. but this time is not that point.

well first. i test it with Kuva karak.
no hit. rockets are go through my bullets and direct hit me.
well. because rockets are really tiny. i think this is the hitbox problem.

next, i test it with Ignis.

hits. rockets are explode mid-air and im safe :)

and so next, i test it with Arca Plasmor

Strange. rockets are go though Plasma wave and direct hit me.*X-files music start*

so next. i test it with Kuva Drakgoon

i shoot charge shot on center of the rockets.

very strange. rockets are go though bullets and direct hit me.

is this possible to shot down rockets??? well but i do it with ignis. so its possible.

so next time i use Kuva karak but this time i use Moa's Stasis Field.

i shoot bullets into slowed rockets. is not a single rocket. pile of rockets.

but there is no hit.



me and clan menber test more weapons. Corinth prime. Lenz. mutalist quanta.

but cant shot down rockets. except mutalist quanta's secondary fire.


there is strange. iI don't know the exact thing. but i think this is not hitbox, my aim skills. and rocket visibility problem.

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