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How about a new Gravity-Warframe


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I randomly just came up with this idea. A Warframe that works with gravitational forces.

Possible Abilities:

  1. Self Effect (Maybe just do the "light" ones and add "heavy" to passive)
    • Click to make the Warframe itself lighter (one or more of the below)
      • Increase movement speed (gotta go fast)
      • Increase jump height
      • Increase melee speed (more bonks-per-second)
    • Hold to make the Warframe itself heavier (one or more of the below)
      • Increase melee damage
      • Increase ground slam damage (nobody will use this, but it's a benefit)
      • Increase ground slam radius (see above comment)
      • Decrease weapon recoil
  2. Enemy Effect (Jumping enemies should ragdol according to the gravitational changes)
    • Click to create stationary AEO effect to make enemies lighter (one or more of the below)
      • Enemies walk faster (Speed-Nova replacement?)
      • Enemies are less accurate due to more recoil (To match accuracy of Stormtroopers)
    • Hold to create stationary AEO effect to make enemies heavier (one or more of the below)
      • Enemies are generally slowed
      • Enemies may trip and fall ("oh look a penny")
      • Enemies are pinned to the ground ("I have fallen and can't get up!")
  3. Enemies hit with this ability experience inverted gravity. (Grineer-Space-Program)
  4. Hit enemy becomes the source of gravity and therefor very attractive for nearby enemies (See Vaubans Vortex). (Grineer sucking each other)
  • Passive: For the Warframe every surface is a "ground" plane to walk on. The camera would have to learn how to rotate. (Spiderframe, Spiderframe ...)

Regarding the looks:

  • Like planet Earth the Warframe looks layered with a core in the middle. Think about cutting earth "vertically" into 3 pieces and using the middle one formed it into a Warframe.
  • Some particles orbit around the Warframe.
  • Should look spacey.
  • Who needs legs if you can just alter gravity to "fall" forward? May look unpleasant so maybe it still has leggys.
  • Maybe some random trash/particles are absorbed by the Warframe an continue orbiting around it? Could get annoying so ground-slamming make you drop it.

I neither balanced this nor did I think about it for too long.


PS: Damn, I just saw how much other people go into detail on this. Welp, I just leave this here anyway.

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