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Void Fissure Problems


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Have been playing the game for days now and I can say that I've been doing grinding with the relic parts. From experience (2x now) squad is ready, all relics equipped, we enter a void fissure mission. And just the moment when everyone is loaded the game or the mission does not seem to be a void fissure mission.

1. Nothings droping void thingies to open the relic

2. No counter for how much you picked up

3. Becomes a regular mission (e.g. Void mission capture just becomes capture)

But when restarting the mission (the whole squad abandons the mission and get together and start the mission again), it seems to be working again. And honestly this does not bother me much as it can be fixed that way but if someone where to be in a hurry its an inconvenience. 

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