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K drives, how it should be, maybe.


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With the addition of the new infested k drive, that requires the completion of some races it became obvious (even more) that no-one wants to do them, any of them, on any open world, but there is a chance this could change, maybe. 

When k drives were announced most players thought, wipeout, sonic r,  even Mario Kart,  all of them have tracks,  tracks is what's missing here,  these open world races shouldn't be really open world but on a track. Start a race, some ethereal track shows up and suddenly we're gliding through it at high speed .

This was just wishful thinking but i also thought that when they said that we were going to be able to use weapons while riding them i thought we were going to get an open world boss (3rd orb), with mechanics resembling Panzer Dragon II Zwei rapid fire gun, homing missiles and an ultimate.

Would a track make the races feel fluid and fast enough so people actually play them and lvl k drives on them? 

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