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    The reason is to make you get the resources yourself.

    Crafting components like weapon parts that drop already built should appear, but blueprints that you build cannot be traded
  3. Thousand year fish bugged?

    Finished all the fish statues scans didn't received the fish statue, checked my codex all fragments are complete, but still on email with the statue, is anyone experiencing this?
  4. Why was my 100p Giveaway deleted???

    Weird, maybe try again and see if it happens again?
  5. Promo codes

    Another one MCIK
  6. i get Mastery Rank points from a Zaws have not be gilded

    Did you built the zaw? Or did you buy the zaw? Bought zaws from the npc are already gilded.
  7. Log in into your amazon account and search and use the options in amazon to cancel it. Also when you subscribed you should have received the email with the link to cancel.
  8. WTB Thief's Wit

    Me too if can't reach this guy
  9. Promo codes

    Number 7 doesn't work for me I'm on PS4
  10. Promo codes

    Here's another glyph code MCGAMERCZ
  11. Tennobaum gifting center

    I want to thank Luckystarz103 for the gifts and accepting my gift as well. Thank you all for gifting
  12. 6 acolytes? or just 2-3?

    When DE released 1 day before intended on ps4 there were 5 acolytes all at once ( yes all 5 at once as in 5 locations on the alerts ) so i guess only 5 will show up again
  13. Tennobaum gifting center

    All i want is maybe an extension on the deadline so we can reach the max goal please . Happy holidays everybody.
  14. Acolytes PS4

    Let the farming begin
  15. Acolytes PS4

    My new maiming strike noticed