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  1. Seems like a bug, try restarting the game, u can actually see if it was guilded (when you do it you add a polarity)
  2. Don't worry, after the update drops expect it to be adjusted, by considering the feedback of the player base.
  3. Nope because of the 1 guy that's going to complain. But they could add the conclave cosmetics.
  4. This guy gets it. Also who believes that players will not rush steel path? Because nobody lied on the survey right? RIGHT?
  5. So this happened because we can't have new players not investing on riven weapons stat stick, heard loud and clear 👌
  6. Are we a joke to you? I really wonder who is getting paid to come up with this.
  7. Oh the stories i could tell about trades, it would make you question your sanity. Rap tap tap...
  8. All i wanted was the hard mode survival on every planet, not really a to do list with missions that i will do only once for the mastery, after doing all nodes,getting arbitrations i get to do it all over again? By the way what's the point of arbitrations if steel path is a thing now 🤔. This cake has too many layers, it's beginning to crumble.
  9. Seems hard, to the point that starts to be annoying because of artificial difficulty and bullet sponge enemies, not all mission types should be on hard mode i guess, and let's face it, more meta complaints will come from this.
  10. 1 question, mastery as in exp for our mastery rank? If so please reconsider.
  11. Slight issue, she took over 2 hours, might as well do 1h stream.
  12. And this was the moment when DE came up with desktop icon ephemera.
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