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  1. The 30 minutes stack, you can watch a stream for 10 minutes Saturday, leave, then watch the rest Sunday for the remaining 20 minutes. Not sure if this is intended but it's very helpful.
  2. Worked for me, but I did claim them while the stream was on. Drops are still in my drop menu on twitch and claimed, seems to work.
  3. C'mon... not even the sugatra comes from an alert? All skins for plat and bundle only? Ryan Reynolds wouldn't approve this .
  4. All the new cosmetics are market bundle only, except some gliphs from 3 alerts? Am i missing something or is this for real?
  5. It's a waste of credits, one of the worst arcane helmets.
  6. It's probably coming with prime octavia and it shouldn't be there.
  7. No you don't, there are many alternatives.
  8. The duplicate protection will applie when reveiving the duplicate items, the picture of those items are still there but you'll be fine.
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