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  1. I agree with OP, the changes to berserker are dumb not making it stack with other speed mods i get but the overall changes to it are dumb, changing blood rush and CO won't make me use melee less so they are equally dumb changes. Not be able to stack speed mods was the coming nerf they told us, they just want to end red cross that's all, i can already see an increase of use in stat sticks, khora and octavia being more popular, a game breaking abuse of the invigoration system, primary and secondary guns getting more used? yeah right, DE just made it worst.
  2. The need of buffs to warframes shouldn't be necessary for players to want to play them, this won't make me play with frames that I don't like, this will only mess up every pre made squad recruitment.
  3. Please reconsider disrespecting all of the grind and latest subsumed frames to helminth.
  4. We're going to get the exp from the frames we already subsumed after getting rank 10 right? RIGHT?
  5. It's Cool u just have to use your melee every 10 seconds to kill, that will make us use our melee less and guns more .
  6. I think they forgot about other speed mods, rivens, arcanes, frame abilities...now that I think about it... they just took a bit of crit chance from some weapons.
  7. If my math is right it's now better to equip sacrificial steel and weeping wounds then blood rush and drifting contact, no need for combo duration in most cases.
  8. Super galaxy gurren lagan says hello
  9. Not confirmed, actually Rebecca said something about being connected to void storms
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