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  1. The issue is not the damage numbers, the stance will end up competing with the two handed nikana as the worst stance because of the movement flow.
  2. Forget Loki ,that wasn't intended to work with the drone DE changed it last hotfix. No fun allowed.
  3. 1 time I made a post addressing what I wanted from k-drives and how maybe it could be better, got deleted and trust me there was nothing menacing on it.
  4. Funny story, your stuff your price, anyone doesn't like it? too bad, every once in a while you'll get a market price "specialist" that knows everything but still seems desperate for plat, just ignore those and carry on, in some situations you really have to be the Rick and not the Morty ( ignoring them is not rude it's necessary) and that's all right.
  5. Players: Please buff single target guns DE: Ok we listened, nerfs to AOE weapons will arrive soon.
  6. It's in development, don't expect anything about cross play and cross save this year
  7. I don't even need him, but this just seems a slap on the face for those who want him, also mag would make sense too, this decision is on another level of intelligence and I'm too dumb to understand it, i see we got the smartest of all working on these decisions.
  8. Nyx and rhino? Are you kidding? Where is Loki unvault, you can't mess this up even if you try and you just did. Nyx is not vaulted and Loki is nowhere to be found.
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