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  1. Wukong Nuke

    My guess would be zenistar.
  2. Frost rhino ember giveaway

    Christmas in September

    Please ask for 150 at least 50 is way too low.
  4. WTT Nekros prime set for 5 mutalist nav coord

    Please don't, even if you do a couple of runs doesn't mean it will drop, do derelict defense and invasions and find a squad to share the key.
  5. Riven mod drops in full riven capacity?

  6. Booster giveaway

    Happy birthday to the little tenno, Keep this up and DE has got to make you a custom glyph man, wish the devs would do it for you.
  7. Need some help regarding mods

    Jolt trader only http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Jolt This event http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Fomorian_Sabotage Farm omega isotope in any mission on Saturn (Saturn because on PS4 they are attacking it), survival is a nice one, craft the fomorian disruptor, equip on gear.

    Tell your friends, let's get as many comments as possible. Not participating on this dude just giving you my support.
  9. Lookin to sell large list of items

    You weren't kidding saying it was large
  10. WTS rivens

    That was sold thank you
  11. WTS ZENISTAR Riven (MELEE,DMG,Negative)

    I'm not interested in buying your riven, i have a similar one, just pointing out the way you posted gave me the impression that you were making this an auction style sale and for me that seemed unfair for the 1800 pl buyer.We cool.
  12. WTS ZENISTAR Riven (MELEE,DMG,Negative)

    i don't think it's fair posting the offer of the buyer for everyone to see , if it was me i would not buy it anymore or i would offer even less. By posting his offer trying to get more plat you're saying the deal is off I'm not interested so actually if you accept his offer later he can say no, you refused my initial offer and my new offer is 1500. No disrespect it's just I've been seeing these posts more often and in my opinion is not a good way to be doing business.
  13. Why wasn't I awarded my catalyst

    Should be 2 items on your inbox message, check your inventory it's a fully built potato.
  14. Please help me is it a bug or glitch?

    1Craft the weapon don't claim it 2 play a quick mission on the planet that has the junction 3 claim the weapon by walking to the foundry and not the shortcut This has worked for allot of players.