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  1. I am one with the fish, and the fish is with me..

    Might as well keep this post going
  2. People want 70+ caps in rec chat for eidolon

    my advice would be to ignore them, that's a ridiculous recruitment requirement there is really no need for that, let me ask you something, would you rather be super efficient and and capture 2 or 3 tridolons,or do 1 tridolon capture and have fun? Making mistakes, doing something else then just your (job) on the time, learning new stuff that is what you want. I'm mr 25 and i never forget what this game is all about , not being perfect or having everything in the game, just taking a break from everyday life and have some fun, even if it's not a perfect run at least it better be fun because those are the ones i remember the most .
  3. Melee Fool/Main what am i missing

    Just from looking to the atterax build i have some input, first how do you maintain your combo counter? Take of primed fury because you already have berserker and put drifting contact or body count, Second replace true steel with relentless combination or maiming strike if you like spin attacks, even buzz kill can be replaced with weeping wounds.
  4. Thousand-Year Fish Bug.

    happened to me too, just talk to support they will help.
  5. About Lanka and chroma build

    Thank you Ii appreciate your input on this
  6. About Lanka and chroma build

    2 questions I've been wondering about and i hope someone could help me out with, first ,is dead eye aura sniper rifle noticeable at all in chroma using vex armor buff ? Second , being damage mods like serration etc additive and not multiplicative on vex armor buff shouldn't be better to use thermite rounds instead of serration on a crit and radiation Lanka build ? All cc, cd ,multishot and radiation.

    yes frames and weapons
  8. Lanka riven for eidolons

    Damage, multi shot, critical damage yes, critical chance not that important on a weapon that as over 100 %+ cc on 8x zoom and point strike combined.
  9. Lanka Riven Question

    And still people look for the cc as priority even after knowing that it's zoom kinda guarantees a 100%+cc with point strike alone.
  10. promo glyph code

  11. Forum glyph doesn't match in game.

    Must be a bug, the forum must have interpreted that glyph as being the chicken one.
  12. Forum glyph doesn't match in game.

    And your in game pic isn't the chicken?
  13. Forum glyph doesn't match in game.

    Log out and back in the forum your profile pic will update
  14. Me ajudem

    Se tiver o operador já desbloqueado pode usar o TouchPad ou R1+L1. Este fórum tem uma secção em português se tiver dúvidas por favor use o PT.