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  1. You have all his blueprints, now u must build his parts they will require other frames parts.
  2. Closed
  3. the L3 only works on blue text items like [soma]or [ash] it will show a list of the blue text items if you pick one it will show the item exactly like the market shows, item details, stats etc.
  4. I got here to late
  5. Yep i got an argon crystal
  6. By mastering your Musical abilities: completing the Organ 'note match' puzzle on Lua (not one of the Seven Principles). Completing this puzzle spawns a loot crate that will contain an Octavia Blueprint piece! Better change this, because it's not a sure drop, MIGHT contain an Octavia blueprint piece is more accurate.
  7. Did you fell like you're being punished for even trying? I did.
  8. They messed with an important game mechanics for 1 frame? They took the easiest path i see.
  9. got it in extermination but guess what........ The crate didn't drop the Octavia part, so it's not a sure drop? The update build notes say it WILL DROP AN OCTAVIA PART BLUEPRINT, any thoughts on this?
  10. I use the warframe app to copy paste their name and add as a friend then i use (in my case ps app) to copy paste their name and send a message to schedule when to meet, best thing is if he's already added in game as a friend i can message him in game really easy. Then an invite to a dojo or earth bazaar is all you need, they will guide you through the trade.
  11. A big special THANK YOU for all the players that trade prime parts and mods (like my self) and the don't want only plat, just completed all prime weapons and frames, and along the way helped completing other players sets. GIVE AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.
  12. Buying the bundle is what i did also, but only for the war, because the trader brings us cosmetics that we can get for ducats. Once i got rank 13 i switched to the gelatine prime. U can also buy a frost with 250 or 300 pl or an ember for 400pl. And with the chroma deluxe skin coming out with the sword skin there is a beautiful skin for heavy blades for 225 pl or with a discount even less, my opinion is use the regular gelatine and buy the chroma deluxe bundle for the sword skin (with a discount if you are willing to wait) Get an awesome skin and you will even save some plat
  13. Closed
  14. Dakra handle ember neuroptics Ember systems Mag chassis Nova neuroptics Nova systems Nyx bp Odonata bp Odonata systems Odonata harness Rhino system Rhino chassis Vasto receiver Volt bp Message me here or on psn with offers, thank you.