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  1. promo glyph code

    it's the glyphs of each YouTuber
  2. promo glyph code

  3. Can Anybody Spare A Little Platinum? I'll Trade.

    Worst case scenario you can sell really common parts for 1 or 2 plat each, we refer to them as prime trash.
  4. I lost 12 plat

    12? Did you rush anything in the foundry?
  5. [PS4] WTS Nekros prime set for 70 pl

    I would drop the price to 80 ~ 150 is way to high
  6. (PS4) Arcane Storm Helmet Giveaway!

  7. Ember's Deluxe Skin Feedback

    I believe that people are angry with the ember deluxe skin because it looks lazy, it looks like they really had to release it and that concept was there so they took it. They actually said on prime time that we didn't need to buy it that there was and would be amazing tennogen to buy instead, that's the same thing as WE ARE SORRY WE MESSED UP.
  8. Natah quest. How to unlock/scan

    My suggestion would be capture, also exploring the map will help to spawn it.
  9. Next vaulting?

    Saryn,nikana and spira
  10. does attack speed affects zenistar disc?

    More speed more dps on disc also berserker is an exception it doesn't affect the disc.
  11. Rage mod bugged

    Thanks dude
  12. Rage mod bugged

    Yeah used toxin, blast hikou with concealed explosives Prima angstrum Glaive Etc You mean no self damage at all? Will work on it?
  13. Rage mod bugged

    Rage mod doesn't react to self damage ,only to enemie damage, the mod is maxed , self damage to health does nothing this started a few days ago.
  14. Rage mod bugged

    Since a few days ago my rage mod doesn't react to self damage, only damage from enemies work.
  15. Lephantis corpus head closed

    I do it always by killing the corpus head first Chroma and soma solo gives me enough time to do it before it bugs