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  1. 2995 ducats? Seems like a very specific number, 2995 days ago the date was December 3, 2011... special day for DE maybe?
  2. DE knows that and will eventually do it, but, they haven't implemented that yet to makes us play some accidental liches, and to avoid the terrible thing that would happen (ephemera efficient grind).
  3. There are 16 kuva weapons so it will take you some luck to get it , can take you 1 run or 30 runs it's rng, you can always buy the lich from other players.
  4. Thanks, happy to know the goal was reached.
  5. Am i missing some info or we didn't get the usual donations achievements this year? Seems like they forgot about it and there's nothing on the forums about that, i would like to see the donations chart at least.
  6. An untested update across all platforms? Are you ready to send to cert every week if there's an issue like what happened in empyrean? If the answer is yes I'm OK with that, if not, stop while you're ahead and let actual players test it on PC for at least a week.
  7. Maybe consider a 7 day booster as well, just to make it clear that you're super duper sorry? 🤗
  8. Believe it or not it's a 18 weeks intermission.
  9. Most people refer to the reactors capacity and i think you're referring to the total avionic capacity 30 base plus the reactor, when you said 98 or 97 i though you had a vidar mklll.
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