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  1. Six in a row.

    No it's a .... Gazel machete riven
  2. Six in a row.

    Got a melee riven yesterday and a pistol riven today on console, it's crazy!!!
  3. Prime for Prime ?

    Use twitch to claim it, if you use a mobile device use desktop mod, using a PC and having issues? use another browser. Hope this helps
  4. Giveaway Time courtesy of Erzengel

    Another amazing giveaway, you got a good heart mate. Frost Prime chilling all day long.
  5. Abilities

    R1 and each button, square, circle, triangle, x, corresponds to 1 of each 4 abilities.
  6. Riven Mod Challenge

    Actually you don't even need to destroy containers just use life support when it's below 70%, use a bulky, invisible or any frame with shade sentinel, u should end it with 20% on extract.
  7. Host leaving shouldn't make everyone else fail the mission

    This is a big issue in fissures, host leaves and we all get stuck risking our prime parts we got, many times the game sends us the rewards in the mail but there are our own relic rewards not the parts we picked.
  8. Six in a row.

    Rivens yeah i got let me see........ 1, statues lost count, lenses 10, endo last time i checked 60k. drop chance of riven 20%? Yeah right.
  9. Im new and trying to get platinum or prime parts

    I would farm more parts to make some sets and gather more parts, for the prices of your parts most are common so not worth allot if you really need plat there are always people that buy prime trash for 1 or 2 plat each. Give it some time you'll get allot of parts and sets.
  10. Prime with Prime Bundle Troubleshooting Tips

    you mean claim it?
  11. Wts dual heat swords

    So many views and I'm the first to say this...... You can only trade prime parts, syndicate weapons, mods, special weapons, coordinates..... If you have doubts about this please join a clan, ask around and you'll be fine.
  12. Prime with Prime Bundle Troubleshooting Tips

    started by using an amazon prime video 30 day trial but that didn't work so i made a new non prime amazon and then activated the 7 day trial and it worked.
  13. Prime with Prime Bundle Troubleshooting Tips

    That also worked for me, only the normal account and the 7 days trial.

    Good to see you doing this again bro, hope you get allot of replies