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  1. Apenas diagramas de armas, partes e diagramas de frames prime podem ser trocados além de armas sindicato e de invasões .
  2. Mobile defense spawns 3 of them if you're interested.
  3. These websites are OK for PC but for console not so much, trade chat and the forum trading post is the way to go for consoles. And your suggestion ...... Don't think it would be very good for the way trading works.
  4. Also corrosive projection as the aura really helps you on the damage( not allot on infested just switch to energy siphon) , your range is good, so focus on efficiency,duration more power strength with a drift mod is really optional because you have intensify, primed flow and primed continuity if you can fit them on the build.
  5. 1 small detail, you must help a friend clear not the node but the final part of the quest , i had the key before i completed the quest by helping someone with their quest and got it again when i completed my quest always on the item rewards, only atlas bp is the quests reward.
  6. You should have in your inventory a jordas precept key that unlocks the node forever , if not contact support to rectify this.
  7. Yes, you just have to buy it when it gets released.
  8. Frost and ember for 100? I'm on PS4 and that's not the price of a set i see, you must be seeing people selling frost blueprint for 100 and ember set without blueprint for 100.
  9. recruitment locked Yes, did he join that clan before the event started?
  10. When she came out on consoles it wasn't.
  11. Not a guaranteed drop.
  12. look around if you see some blue steel crates, on top of them there is a vent other times there is a passage that goes down the map as well.
  13. Noticed today that argon Crista decay is now 14h instead of 24h, can anyone check if it's just me or a bug?
  14. Tell support to undo , they can help you with that https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us
  15. Do exterminate on Ceres, let them raise alarms and you should get 1 or even 2 if you're lucky it's a sure drop so best of luck to you. Got the 6 capacitors in 30 minutes easy.