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    How to scan cephalon fragment on mars?

    you must equip the scanner on your gear, in game pull-up your gear select scanner aim and hold the shoot button

    Support Ticket Turnaround

    Depending on the issue it may take 3 days or 15.

    Universal glyph codes


    Lanka/chroma build to one shot hydrolyst limbs

    use toxin damage to hit directly your health, there is a Max % of vex depending on your power strength know the number so you always on max, Lanka go for crit, multi shot, and radiation. Remember zoom on Lanka will x crit chance so use 3x zoom.

    Anyone else see how absurd these recent debates have been?

    It's not easy to cater to everyone, new players and veterans they pretty much want the opposite but i do agree that sometimes DE makes decisions and because of.... i don't know ego? keep those decisions in game just because they really liked the idea they had even if it's proven not to be the most ideal.

    Elite onslaught just became playable?

    On ps4 no kuva fortress tile or earth tile this week, corpus giant tile still there but i see allot of players reaching zone 8 with all kind of frames, i think this week is the week we can actually farm vandal parts and enjoy it.

    Lanka/chroma build to one shot hydrolyst limbs

    that's a nice riven for chroma and Lanka

    PS4 WTB Lato Vandal Set

    You might want to wait a while, vandals are a bit .....let's say overpriced.

    The Elephant in the Room (Castanuke)

    There is a thin line that separates efficient builds from cheese builds and standing in one place and nuking is what calls DE's attention no matter what we as a community like or dislike.

    The Elephant in the Room (Castanuke)

    Look I get it, i still defend that this elite onslaught should offer good solid spawns near us and some maps decreased in size because this game mod will get allot of frames changed because of the cheese tactics. I've stopped doing onslaught, at MR 25 and all focus maxed i want to take any frame there and get to wave 8 without any cheese builds and have fun ,but DE said nothing about changing this.

    The Elephant in the Room (Castanuke)

    Jumping and shooting the ground for an entire mission is a bit different from the others but if you like it more power to you friend.

    The Elephant in the Room (Castanuke)

    The problem is people are using that tactic allot to cheese onslaught to sell vandal parts and sets because you know greed and stuff, and they don't even know how to use Trinity any other way, because of that, players that actually enjoy her will get a nice surprise when DE takes a closer look in to her. Once they start working on a frame it's rarely just 1 thing that changes. Jumping and shooting the ground for an entire mission on the same spot? Yeah that's some engaging gameplay and will not change any time soon😑.

    Someone didn't like my DIO cosplay.


    Someone didn't like my DIO cosplay.

    Just wait till is primed than the real insanity will begin

    Onslaught problems

    Are you in elite mode? If so are you using cheese nuke frames? Because no PC you pass zone 8 without needing nuke frames. PS because of this expect frames to be reworked.