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  1. Dude it's 550 ducats versus 5 or 10 plat , i think we'll be fine
  2. Just send the ducats again, this is happening to often almost seems deliberated.
  3. This isn't as smart as you think, for example profit taker and ESO.
  4. It happens, it's a server thing
  5. Aren't you confusing it with survival? I don't remember defense being endless.
  6. It feels like if you take a squishy frame solo, the fugitives don't add anything to the fight but a false difficulty, and clutter the fight itself and let's face it you will die or take allot of time killing him for a molten impact (banshee adaro focus run 🙃). I've beaten him many times solo and in a squad using frames and weapons that i like but this addition to the wolf spawn is lazy not original and is meant not to challenge our skill but our patience.
  7. Did you even read? It's not a matter of difficulty.
  8. I have no problem if in a squad the wolf spawns but, when I'm solo just doing a run in adaro with the ultimate non tank banshee, the fugitives just get on my nerves, while I'm concentrating on the wolf the fugitives just run all over the place and it feels like a mess, do we really like the fugitives spawning with the wolf when we are solo? Any thoughts if solo should spawn the wolf alone?
  9. ducats 2x 100 next week, yeah you have to watch it again.
  10. That would fix it right? But DE has a better idea, whoever watches next week will earn 200 ducats, hope you can watch it because last week was a bust for everyone that did.
  11. DE messed up the drops again and you want to defend them, consider this someone watches the stream at 3 am gets no drops, DE states we will run it again at 2x but... you have to watch it again next week at 3 am, in addition a player that missed last week and watches again next week will also get 2x drop. You might defend DE but those low lvl players that could really use the ducats and won't be able to watch the next stream are taking a big slap (insert life of rio sound effect here ) across the face.
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