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Change suggestion to air support


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With the introduction of Bonewidow, and the image on the launcher of Excalibur behind Bonewidow shooting at an enemy, I thought to myself, wouldn't it be cool if we could call the mechs in as air support rather than the current air support? I know DE has plans to introduce their use in regular missions in order to pilot them, but honestly, I don't see them being as wanted for that purpose as most Warframes themselves. Frankly, when Warframes are like gods among mere mortals, the mechs seem a bit lesser in my opinion. We can already call in archguns, and Dispensary can be placed on any Warframe to keep them supplied with ammo. So honestly what appeal do the mechs offer over the Warframes? Shield Warframes have better shields. Warframes maneuver easier, are smaller targets, can equip Adaptation, some have abilities that reduce damage up to 90-95%, others entirely deflect damage, or generate massive overshield, CC better, or just flat out nuke everything on a map.

So, maybe instead of becoming knockoff Gundam suits that do the job worse than our current biomechanical puppets, maybe add them as an automaton option in the air support system, with Ordis as the "pilot". We could maybe call in the mech to join us in combat, with its normal health and stats and equipped weapon, lasting until it is killed, with a 5 or 10 minute cooldown that starts when it dies.

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