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  1. I agree that it's about the cause, but there's also the factor that a booster is a digital item that has already been programmed into the game, requiring pretty much zero additional effort unlike the syandana, and they're losing pretty much nothing by simply extending it. Further, if it stacks with boosters bought off the market as many event boosters usually do, it doesn't even necessarily cut into that profit margin either. Frankly, it then makes each tier worth more than the previous, encouraging more people to give, which is the entire point of this.
  2. Yeah. They could implement fall off on it, similar to how armor doesn't scale drastically anymore.
  3. It would be a lot of energy drain, that's true. It's just not what I would do, personally anyways.
  4. I still like the idea of the abilities being restricted behind their forms, and changing effects based on her form. It's just the clunky nature of casting metamorphosis, which isn't an instant switch to begin with, then going through the cast time of also recasting the 3 or 4, assuming you're not already using Energy Transfer.
  5. Yeah, mine was helminth/infested themed, with hati and skoll being helminth chargers, with both occupying the companion slot. The trade off being that while you'd have 2 kubrows essentially, you'd be restricted to those two pets only. Unlike on Khora, where you can equip Venari + Any companion. Also, Fenrir himself would have no shields, like Nidus, as well as no energy, higher base health than Nidus but less health regeneration, and using health for its abilities.
  6. Wait, Garuda's theme was Vampire? I thought that was what they said Revenant's theme was. Either way, they both feel like they kind of miss their mark. We have much of the common horror themed tropes though, so why we haven't gotten a wolf/werewolf themed frame is just beyond me. IDK if it's a Canadian thing or what, but werewolf is one of the most common horror themes there is.
  7. Yeah, I have my own lycanthrope themed warframe. Mine uses Fenrir, Hati, and Skoll, and it's focused around bring a melee brawler.
  8. I agree. This was mostly a change I would like to see to make her game play feel smoother. I think she's in a great place numbers wise. If I were to change anything beyond this, it would be to make her Metamorphosis buffs last, even if you change form, and just be refreshed if you change again, rather than getting replaced. That would make it play better with its augment as well, since the augment has significantly lower duration, meaning you'd not be losing incentive to change forms regularly.
  9. Everyone always goes for the transformation concept when it comes to these werewolf frame ideas. I get it, the lore of werewolves is that the transform. Yadda yadda yadda. But when it comes to this concept, and what I've noticed is pretty common for DE to do, is that "a werewolf warframe" is an extremely narrow concept. It provides little room for thought. Inevitably, it begins to have the same issue Revenant did with his concept. That is, they had to think outside the typical mythos of vampires to imagine his abilities. My suggestion for a werewolf/lycanthrope/wolf myth theme is to
  10. I'm going to preface this with "I already realize Equinox is a really strong room clearing Warframe." I understand that already, and these changes are more to do with just making her kit work more intuitively and harmoniously. The problem: Equinox has two channeled abilities that, when you cast Metamorphosis, become deactivated. BEFORE YOU SAY "WHAT ABOUT ENERGY TRANSFER?" let me just say that while the augment remedies one of these channeled abilities, the suggestion I am making is not to make Energy Transfer inherent to Mend & Maim. The proposal: Make the "continues to channel"
  11. Yo, this needs clarification. "Instead of" means "replacing", not "in addition to". Does this mean you're replacing Xaku's current passive? If so, that's not an improvement. We face AOE damage a lot less than we face projectiles. If you're replacing it, then we'd be taking the damage of that AOE projectile, but the AOE portion would be the only reduced part, meaning we would then take full damage on all projectiles too, not just AOE ones. If what you meant was "in addition to", then great! But maybe a proof reader next time?
  12. This would work too, since the sentinel weapons have use already on MOAs. So, migrating them to a MOA specific category would be fine. MOAs also have the added function of not having range limitations to their weapons, which is another front that is severely limiting to sentinels. You require a mod slot just for their attack functionality, which puts them at a great disadvantage. Combine that with a lack of link health, link armor, and link shields, and we have some severely weak pets. They do have some utility though, which is why I still find some use for them on specific frames. For instanc
  13. 1/10 maximum mod slots. Companions have 10 mod slots, not 8. That being said, DE REALLY needs to take a review of their past companions and their sentinels to bring them up to match the viability of new ones. The introduction of the Vulps, especially the Panzer Vulp which has the added function of being a pocket Saryn just shows how neglected the others are. Reviving, survivability, aggro, the companions need some work on many fronts. From their AI and pathing to survival mods, even adding an Adaptation for companions would be a start. Link Armor and Link Health was a good start, years ag
  14. So, I've made a few suggestions already, but I'm gonna make some others. I stand by the statement that there needs to be some damage changes, and I think there needs to be some lore behind these changes. First, Void needs to lose its reduced effectiveness against Cloned and Flesh types, and here's why. Void procs should do what Radiation procs currently do, and they should be renamed "Void Corruption". The void corrupts almost everything, doesn't it? Turns creatures against those they were once allied with? We see it in void rifts in relic missions all the time, with the void corrupted. W
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