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  1. I think there's a viable solution to this issue at least, and we've seen it once already: Excalibur Umbra. Instead of making an exalted transformation, make the frame, and make an AI specter form like how Excalibur Umbra essentially behaves like when you go into Operator mode. So, rather than entering some new combat form, sort of like we do with Sevagoth (And we've seen how janky that can be), the frame would simply lose its tamed behavior it has while the player controls it and become feral when the player enters operator mode. You could then use two separate riggings, and have them swi
  2. I think DE needs to just face the facts: This was a bad attempt at a band-aid mod for an issue that has been in the game for almost as long as the game has existed. Plenty of people have made suggestions for easy, effective fixes to the issue which wouldn't break the game's balance either. The issue is just the Sentinels are severely lacking. No armor, health, or shield link. They literally sit right next to your frame, so they are constantly in the line of fire and any AOE you happen to get hit with. There's no reviving them like with the other companions, they just die. The Regen mods give t
  3. Pretty much this. However, I would like to mention for others that some Helminth abilities are just really that good that you can place them on a majority of frames and they will shine. That's what Roar is. It doesn't need a ton of duration to be great. Its base duration is already pretty good. It has universal value, since it increases all damage, so it doesn't matter if you're gun or ability focused for your damage, it enhances it. Range is hardly important to the ability, but its base range is already pretty significant. But even if a frame has low range, like with Narrowminded, Roar i
  4. Yeah, even nerfed, these subsumed abilities are potent. Like Dispensary. I use Dispensary on at least one build on almost every single frame. It can easily refund itself, and then some, and allows players to infinitely use archguns.
  5. Likely, no one would use Stomp. You'd essentially just replace Roar to simply replace Roar with something you wouldn't have to nerf for balance. And the thing you'd replace it with would be mostly useless. There are better options in Helminth for enemy CC, the augment would be useless on any other frame, and its damage isn't significant enough or the right damage type to do much of anything. It could maybe be interesting on Lavos, built for heavy range, but that's about it. You'd piss a lot of people off.
  6. Well, it's not bad for CC and with its augment, it's pretty good for maintaining your defenses. Its base range doesn't need buffing either to be very effective. Using it for damage, ehh. Using it for CC and defense maintenance, it works pretty well. I actually subsume over his charge. I know you can combine his charge augment with Iron Skin to get a massive shield, but I would rather have a large shield I can maintain seamlessly without it ever dropping than scramble to try to replace a larger shield that will eventually drop no matter what I do.
  7. Which other ability? Stomp is an ult, which they said absolutely not. Iron Skin would literally become the only ability anyone wanted, which would again require them to balance it with a nerf, and the same thing with charge, as its augment can massively boost armor. Roar was pretty much the only viable option, but needed some toning down for balance too. 50% nerfed to 30% and a duration of 30 seconds isn't unreasonable, and works well with several excellent builds, particularly high strength ones. Certain frames also exploit it very well too, particularly ones that summon allies like Wukong an
  8. I guess it reduces the cost for the build you mention since you only have to cast Empower once. But it doesn't seem like you're saving a MAJOR amount of energy when you consider both Motes and Empower only cost 25 energy at base. And again, their set up is an up front cost. So long as you guard them from a nullifier, you're only usually casting them the single time to get your set up on the map. Save for maybe Survival if you keep tossing them around the map. But even in Survival, most Wisp players just find one of the favored rooms, set up, and then bunker down so they only have to set up onc
  9. Why Energy Conversion and not something like Blind Rage? Same mod capacity consumption when formaed, and yeah, you lose efficiency yet gain more strength, and set up for motes is a low up front cost to begin with. So, I still don't see the use. And yeah, Primed Sure Footed is pretty much everyone's go to for their Exilus mod slot, once they get it. So, an exilus mod is going to need to compete with Primed Sure Footed. Just being a lower mod capacity cost isn't enough. At least with some of the Drift Mods, you're usually using them for their ability modifiers. Even Mesa's Waltz at least br
  10. I mean, at least the motes are great on their own, but talk about disappointing.
  11. This isn't my idea, but it was a suggestion that I saw and liked and agreed with. At least change the Regen mods. Regen currently: Revives Sentinel once and they are invulnerable for 6 seconds. Regen as it should be: When destroyed, Sentinel will revive after 90 seconds and be invulnerable for 6 seconds upon revive. Primed Regen currently: Revives Sentinel 3 times and they are invulnerable for 11 seconds. Primed Regen as it should be: When destroyed, Sentinel will revive after 60 seconds and be invulnerable for 11 seconds upon revive. Also, change Djinn's Reawaken
  12. So I am slightly mistaken. It is essentially entirely QoL focused for people who can't press a few more buttons.
  13. This augment is so QoL focused that it's almost useless. So, when I watched the dev stream of Reb displaying the new augment for Wisp, I was really excited. In a game where Interception missions have 4 towers to defend and a Defense mission that jerks you around to 4 different locations randomly in Uranus (huehuehue), I was thrilled at the idea that this augment would provide a mote that would only count as a SINGLE mote at the cost of a higher energy expenditure, as it was seen in the dev stream. Instead, the augment released in the form it is now, where the Omni mote counts as thre
  14. I'm lost here, how is Ember in a bad place? How does anyone have any trouble playing her? She can literally shrug off 96% of all damage at all times, before even considering Adaptation which pushes it to 99.4% damage reduction. What's wrong with Inferno? Press button, destroy enemies. Fire Blast? Press button, remove 100% of armor. Fire Ball? Ehh, at least she has a slot to subsume over. Like, I wreck everything with Ember, easy. If anything, my only complaint might be that she's too easy to play. The only thing I can think of is that people are failing to understand how Immolation functi
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