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  1. Everyone knows fashion frame is the true end game. Baruuk right now is not end game material. With this, he would be.
  2. There have been so many Vauban reworks suggested, I think I've seen it all by this point. I even made my own some time ago. Feel free to scavenge ideas from there as well if you find anything useful. Choo choo boy really needs a fix-up though.
  3. Let's start here. Health and Armor should be divisible by 3 unless you plan on unique rank bonuses, in which case, you may want to specify what they are, and why. .75 sprint speed is really really slow too.
  4. Ehh. So many suggested reworks for Vauban, as well as the current Vauban, feel so out of touch with the historical figure he's suppose to be based off of. Tesla, Vortex, Dynamo? Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban is the perfect opportunity for a Warframe focused on blast, impact damage, and barriers, and instead we get electricity, slashing, and wires? Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban literally had two doctrines he was known for in his time (17th century, btw), his defensive doctrine which was his fortress design which was used in the construction of Bourtange in the Netherlands (which is a star like shape, not a circle) and his offensive doctrine, which was effectively "More [gun] powder, less blood" in Grand Battery, using cannon siege weapons focused on a point to create a breach.
  5. Fuse Vitality, Gladiator Resolve, and Vigor. Can you say power creep?
  6. Well, what are the trade offs? Howl is limited to just one type of Kubrow, rather than being a general use mod like Territorial Aggression. Howl has a longer cooldown at 40 seconds compared to 20 seconds on Territorial Aggression which has a 15 second duration, which is only 1 second shorter than Howl's duration. Also, one word: Charm.
  7. It's definitely not a bad idea. It makes sense with the werewolf theme, but there are some important benefits in regards to the Helminth Chargers that I really wanted to tap into, such as the Strain mod set, which would effectively give him Nidus' ability to spawn hordes of maggots (Minus the healing Of Nidus' 4, though Strain Mods can also do some healing), with additional CC benefits, and strong corrosive damage on top of the viral damage on Pack Tactics. With that, I really wanted Infectious Bite to synergize well with Pack Tactics, so copies of Hati and Skoll was mechanically vital to that end. This way, their animations are all similar, and all the same abilities pretty much with the same current animations in the game for the Helminth Chargers with some bonus effects, except for one new ability with Shed. Then, there was the fact that if I made them chargers, I could better justify giving them copies of Hati and Skoll's mod screen, since they would not be affected by ability mods. Their health and armor could then be affected by Link Health and Link Armor this way too which then tap into Fenrir's large health pool and health mods. This advantage provides Fenrir then with 6 durable pets that can all 6 also have Pack Leader, Medi-Pet, AND Hunter Recovery, turning his 4 from just being a damage ability, and making it into a healing one as well. It heals the pack because it's a melee damage ability, and heals Fenrir when the chargers made from it do damage, and then the Chargers themselves can also slowly recover their own health. Plus, with frames in the game that make copies of themselves, or copies of enemies, I kind of went with transformation to full Helminth Kubrows instead since we don't yet have a frame that does this. I also feel that creating additional chargers as pets that exist until they die could be balanced easier than creating copies of Fenrir himself that exist until death. And, Fenrir himself is kind of suppose to be unique in his appearance simply due to the fact that his bond from being looked after by, and then leading a kubrow pack is what gave his warframe shape. Simply copying that shape to enemies feels, to me at least, like it cheapens that part of the story. It's not that he's so much a "werewolf" warframe, spreading a real viral lycanthropy, but that he's still technically spreading the helminth virus, which we know can make these Chargers because we see the Infested make Infested Chargers. It's still kind of in theme of the "werewolf" idea though, in that many werewolf myths have the infected turn into wolves, rather than hybrids. There's not exactly any lore explanation for making Grineer or Corpus or Infested themselves into Warframe-esque appearing pets. The original primes themselves seemed to require sort of unique characteristics to create. Leaving him incomplete is kind of a mechanics and artistic choice, given that fur doesn't exactly make much sense on the armor of Warframes, so opting for infested flesh was the alternative. Mechanics wise, using his infested blood for abilities was probably going to only make sense if he had exposed infested flesh to allow the transfer of the technovirus. And, with Fenrir being the unique, bigger looking one, I felt it made him into the pack leader better rather than having several copies of himself.
  8. Edit: Changed Pack Tactics. The commands I originally had felt very similar to one another as to make each one nearly meaningless. So, I took inspiration from the Helminth Chargers already in the game, incorporating their unique attacks, with some improvements. The third addition, Shed, is the only one that provides Synergy between Pack Tactics and Infectious Bite, but in two different ways. First, the Viral AOEs help to reduce enemy HP, so that even if not stunned, enemies have a higher chance of being killed by Infectious Bite's normal damage. But if stunned, enemies can be dealt the lethal damage instead. Also a few other minor edits to wording.
  9. Why is it that I always see these "werewolf" warframe concepts, and they almost never have a mechanic that spreads their lycanthropy upon killing an enemy with their bite? I've also seen the transformation idea done probably 100 ways. And every time, it almost always feels lack luster or the mechanics of it would feel incredibly jarring for players. I've seen people suggest becoming a kurbow, even a kavat of all things. I took a different route. My suggestion was to make the frame itself always appear as a hybrid, that way it can always wield weapons when the player is controlling it, then it switches to running on all limbs, stores weapons, and switches to becoming purely melee when you enter operator mode, creating another "umbral" frame, without it specifically being umbral. Here, a concept I posted some time ago. Feel free to look at the lore and the appearance descriptions too for some ideas. I do want a lycanthropic/wolf/Fenrir frame in the game, but every time I see these ideas, I see pretty much a single wolf myth being used, and I cringe a little. Think about it. We're likely to only get one, ONE were/wolf kind of frame in the game. We should be pulling every single wolf myth that can cohesively fit together to create a frame that comprehensively covers the theme.
  10. Water. Earth. Fire. Air. Hydroid, Atlas, Ember, Frost/Zephyr. The Avatar though? 16 abilities? Only if you make them weak most likely. Plus, we also have Chroma, which can use all 4 elements in the game.
  11. DE, as a development team, has made some great decisions in the implementation and monetary mechanics of their game to become perhaps the best FTPMMO I have ever come across on the market. And they did this because they didn't make decisions that make players feel like they're just making a cash grab like EA does. This is not a logical addition to the game. Not at all. The very reasons you say that it would be a bad thing, that it would frustrate players and make them mad, is precisely why it isn't logical at all financially. It wouldn't even really be a good short term money as more players would quit playing, reducing sales of Forma, Reactors, and other small monetary bonuses that provide a significant amount of steady cash flow for DE. This "idea to encourage money spending" is actually the lousiest idea to encourage money spending, and is more befitting of something some business man in a conference room at EA might suggest than the developers at DE which don't just produce this game, but play it as well, and have not just a financial interest in it, but a personal one to create an enjoyable game.
  12. I'll take a crack at a defensive third ability. 3rd Ability: Stitched (Not entirely set on the name): 75 energy: Moirai and Allies in range leech health, armor, and shields from enemies caught by Abhorrent Parade. Moirai and Allies within 10/12/15/18 meters are covered in Moirai's threads for 12/15/18/20 seconds as they drain 20/22/25/30 health per second, 30/35/40/50 shields per second, and have their armor increased by 10/12/15/20% of the total armor captured by Abhorrent Parade to a max of 1500 additional armor. The total amount of health, shield, and armor that can be leeched depends on how many enemies have been captured by Abhorrent Parade. Thus, synergy between Abhorrent Parade and Stitched could be created, by capturing more enemies, you increase the armor, health, and shield pool that Stitched draws from, and Stitched kills them quicker, thus increasing the chain's effect on Centipede. Duration changes how long the effect lasts. Range determines how far the stitching reaches allies on the initial cast. If Allies leave the area, the effect remains. If allies fall off the map, the effect remains. If Moirai falls off the map, the effect ends early for Moirai and all Allies Ability Strength affects the strength of the health and shield leeching as well as the percentage of armor, but not the armor cap. Ability Efficiency affects casting cost.
  13. A kavat into a kubrow? Maybe just make it a Nagual frame. Makes more sense, fits the myth lore a bit better.
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