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  1. Unless you create a warframe concept that is itself customizable, and is its own warframe, then no. The warframes are not kitguns or zaws. In that, I mean they each have unique lore and themes based on individuals from history. Making a "modular" warframe from existing warframes would be like playing frankenstein and cutting up bodies to piece together your favorite pieces. Instead, consider a warframe that has its own lore of being a person that was sort of customizable. By that, I mean consider the lore of the frame being based on someone with physical disabilities. Perhaps a person that had missing arms, legs, and eye implants with a prosthetic heart. And when they became a warframe, this aspect left them with 4 customizable categories of parts.
  2. I like the hit squad idea. As for the Kuva Lich's levels, I actually had the idea to lengthen out their leveling over ranks 0 to 30, just like a warframe seeing as they are based on warframes, and essentially stretch the current ranks out so that the levels don't jump in difficulty so drastically and players have more chances to try combinations. I think a similar progression of level increases as the lich ranks up could work for a hit squad as well.
  3. Update: Made some changes to Fenrir's abilities on the OP. I'll maintain the abilities positions, with Tear and Frenzy still in the first ability and Infectious Bite in the 4th. I changed Pack Tactics to just be Shed with a press and hold and click command for either activating Shed or resummoning Hati and/or Skoll. I changed Tear and Frenzy to not have an ability combo counter like Landslide, thus always costing 25 health (unless reduced by efficiency), but still with the damage improvement from melee mods, as multiple abilities in the game perform this way, and I think it's not just a copy and paste of either Khora or Atlas, but not anything revolutionary. It's the first ability, a basic claw attack, and fits the theme better now. It's a bit similar to Rhino's charge I suppose, but inflicting slash and bleeding without rag dolling enemies. I also reduced the damage on Infectious Bite to instead incorporate the pack thematic more. Again, feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. I'll mark them, and your concerns are understandable. It would probably be inevitable that Region chat would be reduced down to a yiff party. But I feel like that should not detract from the mythology itself. As for fur, honestly, it would be nice to have a werewolf that isn't fluffy. My idea up there is of a helminth kubrow themed warframe, with phryke skin like arms, legs, and the top half of his head, and the rest being exposed helminth infestation on the rest, much like Nidus, and even abilities that use a proboscis like the helminth kubrow. There are other ways to do "fur" than patchy spotty hair that looks thinning.
  5. Even as one of the referenced links, I agree that the myth is "done" but one of the things that DE could do is mix in something new with it in theme with the lore of their game. For instance, the helminth virus works on Kubrows. The werewolf myth has been portrayed as a type of viral infection before. They can also throw in new wolf mythology as well into the mix, with one of the most famous being from Norse mythology with Fenrir. There are many ways to spice up werewolves without just being "another" werewolf idea. Vampires... a little bit more difficult.
  6. Wow, thank you very much for your feedback. I seriously like constructive criticism, and you don't have to apologize for giving your opinion to me. It's why I am here. Seeing as Fenrir is my biggest project, and the one I am most adamant to work on, I think I'd begin there. I completely feel your point that it does share a lot of similarity in ability design to other frames. I would very much be willing to rework the 1st ability, and have some ideas to possibly change it or possibly even scrap it and move the 4th ability to the 1st slot, with adjustments of course, and coming up with a new fourth ability. Also, it would probably make more sense, moving the pack mechanics, to the first ability too, so this seems like a great idea. Further, I think the third ability could easily be fixed by removing the three cycling ability aspect and splitting the ability up. I get the impression that I'm doing way too much with the frame in general ability wise, and so things kind of get over the top and fail to really function together or synergize. As for the theme, I really want to keep the helminth idea involved, as it makes for the kind of viral conduit I want for a werewolf theme. So, my idea is to scrap the first ability anyways, and move the 4th to replace it while reducing its damage and include more ability interactions between Fenrir and his pack, since the theme I wanted to go with was making him a pack like frame anyways. 1st Ability 2nd Ability 3rd Ability 4th ability Not sure what to put here at the moment, If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear more.
  7. Change suggestion to the Kuva Lich leveling system
  8. Sounds nice and complex. As for my concept, I went the lycanthrope route, with the pack alpha concept and also mixed it with the helminth strain of the infested virus. Seeing as the lycanthrope mythos allows for control while in the hybrid form, and means a frame with a single appearance, it made the most sense to me for a Tenno-Umbra concept where normally the frame has human like dexterous control of weapons with its hands and is bipedal, but when in Operator mode, it loses its dexterous control of weapons and becomes quadrupedal and attacks enemies with its claw and bite attacks, as if the Operator heightens its more humanoid features. Further, it has claw and bite attack abilities, paralyze, poison, exalted helminth chargers (yes, plural. 2 to be exact), and uses health instead of energy, has no shields, and no energy. (High health pool). However, it loses the use of other companions in trade for having 2 exalted pets, and its attacks are all single target, but a pack mechanic also rectifies that hindrance by essentially allowing him to infect enemies to make up to 4 additional helminth chargers. Edit: Although, I am still working on the concept. A transformation idea is not off the table for me, as it would make a neat ability, and we have material in the game that could make it work, such as how Nidus' appearance changes with virulence stacks, and even more drastically from his deluxe skin. Coupled that with Titania's 4th ability with its short transformation, and it could be a pretty wicked idea.
  9. Very true. Werewolf is considered a curse in witchcraft mythology while lycanthropy is considered to be a religious rite. There are many other differences, indeed, from a lycanthrope being considered smarter, faster, and stronger than a werewolf, as well as able to control their transformation. So, for the applications to Warframe, I'd have to say we're sort of venturing more down the pack hunting lycanthrope than the solitary cursed individual as a werewolf unable to be or act in control, attacking anything and anyome, etc. That really is an interesting distinction too, as the werewolf is considered a curse, and curses tend to be singularly focused, or inherited by a singular off spring, or the eldest off spring. (See books depicting other animal like transformation curses such as that in the Tears of Artamon Series) So, I have to wonder if the werewolf is not just defaulted to be the singular wolf hunter due to them usually being depicted alone. Most of these myths don't even dive into the idea of two werewolves existing at the same time, so I wonder how that same curse concept would be handled with multiple present. In a few pop culture depictions of the werewolf where there are multiple, usually the depiction is that there is indeed an alpha werewolf, as well as it being a curse, and even sometimes the added fun of breaking the curse by killing one's maker. Or, if we look at DnD werewolves, I'd have to say that they do address pack mentality and dynamics there in their Curse of Strahd and Prince of the Labyrinth, as well as depicting them as cursed, and transforming under the full moon. However, seeing the current state of Lua, and how it always seems to be a full moon on the plains, I'd have to say that, in the game's current situation, the lycanthrope would make more sense story wise.
  10. Lol. It's a popular idea. It's also one of the more simpler ideas of mine that could actually be implemented. If I REALLY wanted to put in my favorite horror mythology though, we'd have xenomorphs. So... Different kind of tail.
  11. Yeah, no... This isn't a valid reason. There's one other aspect of wolf/werewolf/lycanthrope mythology that you're missing that can probably be one of the strongest aspects of such a frame concept: Wolves are pack hunters. By that, I mean that a werewolf style frame would make for another great exalted pet frame like Khora, but with a Kubrow rather than a Kavat. IMO, it's about time the Kubrows had one of their own too. This is also not the first time that a werewolf themed frame concept has come across the boards. It's my favorite idea, the one I want most for this game. And my suggestion, as always, is GO BIGGER. DE is likely only going to do ONE frame like this. Once it's done, it will become the reference frame for the entire wolf/werewolf/lycanthrope concept, mythos, ideas, and it will be "The Kubrow Frame" like Khora is the Kavat frame. This includes mythology such as Fenrir, Hati, and Skoll. Wolves have a ton of mythological references, and perhaps none so famous as Fenrir too. So, a lackluster concept is just going to be a disappointment. I have made my own before as well, and you can feel free to pick up ideas from it if you like. It's the first on my list here:
  12. Well, at least it's not somewhere inappropriate.
  13. As long as we're making requests for skins that will never be in the game, I want The Bebop from Cowboy Bebop for my railjack which I have named "The Bebop". Edit: Question for the OP: What part of the anatomy does an archwing enter the rabbit at?...
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