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  1. I would rather not have something enforced on players. While I understand that some players WILL set themselves to be host, even when they know their rig or connections won't cut it, and thus get other players into their group and cause them to have a bad experience, the block system already in place should remedy that issue. At least with an option, players can choose to play as host, as guest, or even perhaps as either if they simply don't mind either way.
  2. Well, in the case of Banshee, when I strapped Gloom on her, she wrecks her way even through Steel Path. IDK why people say Sevagoth is too squishy, particularly after the changes made to Gloom. As for Rolling Guard, changing it could also effectively break this combo as well. Maybe instead of invulnerability, make it a shield recovery or something. Shield recovery wouldn't entirely destroy it, but it would effectively weaken the combo.
  3. Wow, that is wild. I don't doubt it happens, but I've never experienced it. At least not on PC. Though, I should probably apologize to you, as an MR 30 who has on more than one occasion invited a low MR player back to my dojo after mission in order to set them up with some free staple mods and prime stuff. I sell prime sets in order to earn platinum, and often have tons of sets that I'll sometimes give away to someone who just needs that one staple prime and a few mods to not feel like they're struggling. So, I can kind of see how this might make others feel entitled to hand outs. Maybe the environment is just different on Switch.
  4. I mean, those ARE benefits of the MR system. On top of unlocking weapons up to MR 16. You also have more load out slots too. So, there are benefits already to the MR system. While I agree that the current Riven system has failed to do what it set out to do, I don't think your suggestion would do what DE intended Rivens to do either. Stat modifiers that apply to all weapons, or frames, or whatever doesn't address the large disparity in mechanics and stats between "meta" weapons and "trash" weapons. So, I don't think DE will be interested in a change that goes entirely off course of their desires. As for Rivens, in general, I don't think they're even necessary. Yeah, they can make some weapons better, viable, on par with "meta" weapons. However, those "meta" weapons are usually strong regardless of having a riven or not. The issue is that Rivens don't address weapon mechanics which make certain weapons just better. Things like how the Ignis Wraith has a large diameter beam and explosion radius at its contact point. Or how the Fulmin has infinite range with one mode, and a large projectile diameter in the other. This leaves a lot of the average, typical projectile type weapons wanting. Yeah, you can boost their damage or crit or multishot, but can you make their bullets wider so you don't have to even really aim like the Ignis, or just give them a massive radial explosion like the Ogris? Weapons often become "meta" because they are require little skill to play with. Proboscis Cernos for instance is an example of where getting close is good enough. DE wanted to create fun and exciting weapons. And they did. But that also sometimes comes as a double edged blade of often being brain dead and skill-less weapons. And unless they are prepared to create augments or something for all the weapons in their game to also be brain dead and skill-less, they aren't likely to break the "meta" with just increasing some stats. So, I would just learn to take the Riven system for what it's worth: making weapons more viable. And just play with the weapons you enjoy rather than trying to create ones that match the "meta". As for the system itself, it could do with less RNG, but it does function well as a resource sink. So, I'm not really holding my breath or really complain about the RNG.
  5. I just remember that being the big complaint about shields being useless before the shield rework, and that the devs were talking about that issue in I believe it was Devstream 139. The corrupted corpus enemies would throw grenades, specifically in the high level void missions, that would often one shot squishy frames, and the grenades were not able to be tracked like they are now. But, now they can be tracked AND shield gated through, which makes tracking the grenades redundant and easy to simply face roll. A one shot threat, like the grenades, aren't a problem when player skill can allow a player to avoid it. Also, what makes maxing mods hard? It's literally just credits and Endo which are pretty easy to acquire.
  6. Well, the issue that made it vitally necessary in the first place (grenades that couldn't be tracked) is solved. So, yeah. The issues you mentioned are able to be solved with mods that you'll get for free from a story quest. And even a normal Vitality and Steel Fiber (which ARE NOT hard to max) will do ya fine. And if you're facing steel path enemies, I would expect you to be coming at them already with strong mods. If anything, Umbral mods are easier to get than Rolling Guard, as you get them from a quest you should be doing regardless, where as Rolling Guard has to be bought from the Arbitrations Vendor. The former is essentially free, and come already equivalent to a maxed out Vitality and Steel Fiber when taking into account their mod bonus when you acquire them.
  7. Sevagoth isn't in the equation. Gloom is simply because it's able to be helminthed onto any frame. But even without Gloom, I've not really faced any issues with one shots even from steel path enemies even when caught without shields and even on my squishiest frames. But, I do tend to run Umbral mods, all at max rank, which do significantly improve my defense, more than max Redirection, Steel Fiber, and Vitality combined.
  8. Oh, IDK if it was recently removed. I just know that when I've started missions from my railjack before, it always made me host, which I liked. I have a good railjack with good weapons. If they removed it, then that's sad.
  9. IDK. I've been caught without shields on by those things plenty of times before, and not had an issue. Maybe I build with a focus on survival and defense enough to mitigate their damage. 50%+ damage reduction from armor alone usually does just fine, significantly more on frames that have more than 125 base armor. Add in that I've placed Gloom on all those "squishy" frames, which slows enemies around me by 70%+ with even my most basic build, and gives me healing enough to roll through everything they can dish out. I'm also not in the habit of taking on enemies whose power level is over 9000, because I don't see that as being the important benchmark for the game.
  10. Can't say I have. Maybe from the lasers on Void Defense where some idiot activates them? But that's not the game mechanics at fault, it's human error. But, for everything else, I've managed with Gloom, armor, my choice of Specters supporting me just fine. Even in SP.
  11. I don't even use the shield gate combo for my squishy frames. I've just subsumed Gloom on them. CC that significantly improves damage frequency, and thus reduction, and healing which many of the squishy frames simply don't have remedies their squishiness pretty well. Not to mention it is incredibly powerful against disruption targets. IMO, for whatever opinions are worth, I don't think we even need Shield Gating anymore. Shield Gating was originally, and mostly, implemented because people were getting irritated that the Corrupted Corpus enemies would throw a grenade which no one could see, and it would one shot people. Now that we can see where the grenade is landing, I don't even think we really need shield gating anymore. See the grenade, run away from it, as you bloodly well should. Arguments for Shield Gating that players NEED it in order to do Steel Path Survival mission for 5 hours straight are meaningless to me. One's desire to essentially prove the broken nature of the game's power creep is, if anything, viable arguments for the removal of these broken systems. Whining that one can no longer dodge roll one's way through level 9999 SP enemies would honestly be music to my ears.
  12. The thing is, Railjack is the only mode that currently has this option, albeit in a sort of round about way. If you start a mission from your railjack in your dojo or a relay, you'll be the host of your Railjack mission. I'm just asking for the option to host to exist for all missions. If they don't want to do an option, like a toggle in the menu, then a selection option when you queue for a mission to host or join the next available squad would work just as well. To expand on that, having the option to join an open squad on ANY node of a planet, like we currently have for Railjack, would also be nice.
  13. The cost of a dedicated server and its maintenance is prohibitive. I'm honestly fine with a hosting system. I simply would prefer one where I can share with others and make the most use of my connection speed and custom rig. While, yes, this is partially a selfish desire to avoid hosts with bad connections and rigs, it also serves to fostering an environment towards improving game play experience for everyone by putting the option to host or not host in our hands rather than only rely on an obviously less than ideal automated system.
  14. I mean, it literally only takes a minute or two to log in, accept the log in reward, then leave. I don't see how that is so difficult to do 400 times. No need to run missions or anything.
  15. Kind of defeats the point of a party finder. The whole reason I made this post was to suggest an improvement to the party finder, and an overall improvement to the game itself. As I mentioned, those of us that know our rigs and know our connection well enough to know we can give other players a great game experience with little risk for lag or dc could then do that for other players. And those players who also know their rigs and know their connection isn't as reliable to handle hosting could avoid causing others grief as well, and even have a better chance of improving their game play by not burdening their systems with the task of hosting others.
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