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Atlas Tectonics Suggestions


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It's been a while since Atlas got his revisited pass, and now with Deimos Arcana his Bulwark got touched to deal a bit of damage in a small AoE around itself. The Devs did say they want to go back and beef up Tectonics in the future, so here are some suggestions for them.

Tectonics 3.0

  • Bulwarks and boulders leave behind a Rubble drop (50 HP/AP) when destroyed. Petrified versions leave behind an enhanced Rubble drop (75 HP/AP).
    • Not sure why Tectonics was excluded from the Rubble drops when it is tied to 3 of his abilities. It's a pile of rocks too.
  • Boulders must travel for at least 4 seconds or until reaching their max distance (15/30 meters) before they explode.
    • Avoids premature detonation of the boulder that happens way too often, because it tends to hit walls and tiny objects along its path.
  • Boulder damage (rolling and explosion) now scales with enemy level.
    • Bulwark's defensive function was buffed to absorb damage to add to its health. Boulder's damage IMO needs to be able to compete as a potential offensive power.
  • When turning a bulwark into a Petrified Bulwark, it is healed back to full health.
    • Borrowing from Petrify's synergy with Rumblers, this can help reinforcing your defenses by potentially doubling the time your bulwark stays up.
  • Atlas can cast Landslide directly on a bulwark. The targeted bulwark explodes into flying rocks or turns into a boulder on hit, adding Landslide's damage to itself dealing it to all enemies in a pizza slice/rolling toward the direction of Atlas' punch.
    • A much requested synergy from Atlas fans is either a rock shotgun or boulder punch. With Tectonic Fracture, allow Atlas to combo his Landslide up to the third punch for an awesome display of damage, rock fort shotgunning/boulder punching!
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