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  1. Since it's an Axi you'll be dealing with Nullifiers, so a giant Cataclysm + Stasis combo will only pop the bubble often and need you to recast. I would switch tactics and either use Banish and/or Rift Surge to poke enemies in that case, leave the rest of the horde to your teammates to mop up (bring them into the Rift to help you clean up if you need the firepower, your teammates can just roll out of Banish after).
  2. The Rift is shared between all Limbos in a squad, so yes, one of you using Stasis will freeze enemies banished by another Limbo.
  3. PsiWarp

    Limbo tweaks

    The Rift Plane needs more entrances for allies to step in on the fly. If other players want to damage Riftbound enemies, they have to look for Limbo to get caught in his Banish wave or until he dodges into the Rift to make a portal. Or use Warframe powers at the expense of their own Energy reserves. Cataclysm makes this autonomous transition between both realms, but no sane Limbo goes out of his way to Banish enemies on the outside just so his team in the bubble can shoot out.
  4. I would prefer it if the augment causes switching the Reservoirs type swapping all active Reservoirs belonging to you on the map to that type. Which translates to you and teammates standing next to a Reservoir, you triple tap the 1 key, and all three buffs get picked up by everybody around it. Swap to a type you want to have infinite duration on and switch on the fly.
  5. Still waiting to see her actual gameplay. The Temporal Anchor has potential to mingle with the effects of her other gadgets and maybe buffs on Protea from other Warframes. We'll see how far Pablo is willing to take the concept. Let's say she picked up an energy bubble from her 1's trench. If the bubble popped from damage while Protea has her 4 in use, it reappears after she rewinds to protect her again. She deploys her cannon 2 times during her 4, they run their course and disappear, then Protea rewinds, so do the two cannons reappearing at their time stamps, blasting their laser beams for a second time during her reverse animations. Protea plops down all three of her 3's dispensaries during her 4. Their durations tick down but not yet expire, after her rewind they go back to the durations at those time stamps. Protea gets downed while using her 4. She auto-rewinds to prevent her death and the ability goes on a short cooldown. And of course a way to cancel or rewind by pressing the ability key again for extra control.
  6. IMO it should also lock in Garuda's passive damage bonus to the clip you reloaded. Bloodlet -> after drain 50% damage bonus -> that weapon's clip deals 50% bonus damage. That way you can place down some Blood Altars without them reducing your damage bonus at the same time by healing you.
  7. They definitely need to make Riftbound enemies more visibly distinct.
  8. Her changes are okay. But there is so much more that can be done to reduce the mechanical clunkiness of her abilities. Spellbind targets can't have Lantern cast on them. Lantern should cancel Spellbind on the target and now root it to the ground below. Spellbind targets aren't auto-targeted by Diwata swings. You would want to have snappy melee strikes when your targets are floating randomly away into the air. Tribute doesn't cast on enemies you already extracted a soul from. It should still "Soul Punch" enemies away to make use of its damage, damage penalty and ragdoll effect, but just don't produce a soul to renew the aura (if it must be kept for thematic reasons). Make Spellbind enemies float towards the nearest Lantern. Scattering enemies away to float off somewhere you can't reach doesn't make for good team gameplay. Alternatively just limit the range enemies can float off to from the cast point.
  9. Hold 1 to cast Spellbind on yourself for status immunity. Cycle 2 to select your aura. Aura timers are shown below the icons in the cycle wheel. Lantern target is now rooted in place and won't float away, even though it visually looks like a floating enemy.
  10. Honestly with Titania's Tribute getting a cycle wheel for any type of enemy you cast it on to get a buff you selected... Grendel should be able to select his Nourished buffs without specific enemy types. You eat, you cast, you get what you need.
  11. Strangledome rips bodies apart like a Slash proc. Bits and pieces means dead enemies, a whole dangly buddy choking on chains is a shoot-me.
  12. Sarin, Valkyr-ie. Odalisk's name seems placeholder for the concept art. Is she a slave to warfare? Or a concubine to the Orokin's court...
  13. The new Tech frame is interesting. I wonder if her name is going change or not. Odalisk Odalisque Odalysk Also wondering if her Temporal Anchor ability will activate on lethal damage, resetting her back to the saved state. She does seem more like a female Vauban with more assault than fortification.
  14. Tap-hold may be inverted in your settings. Bastille grid is default tap. Vortex is always hold, either a new one you throw or active grids turning into vortexes.
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