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  1. Do they do a second damage instance when you pull them back? That way Heat status from Catalyze on enemies will amp up retracting Catalyze's damage.
  2. This is Yvywn (pronounced: Yvonne), the bewitching, mistress of the coven. Stats are WIP. Passive - Mana Flux Spellcraft - 25 energy Betwixt - 50 energy Cauldron - 75 energy Hex - 100 energy Feedback and suggestions welcome~ thanks for reading!
  3. I wouldn't mind if they booped it up to 20~25 seconds, since you need at least 1 enemy in range to benefit from the DR anyway, give you a bit more time to find em' before you have to recast.
  4. Not sure what magical cure can reverse the rapid cellular mutations that the Infestation forces onto its poor victims. You might as well take a sample of the host's original unaltered DNA and clone him/her, use Transference or Kuva to transfer their consciousness into that untainted body. Alad V was a special case because he developed the Mutalist Strain and had kept his intelligence and sense-of-self relatively intact, from the slow corruption of his flesh by an Infestation strain (which are likely made of nanites) designed to reconstitute inorganics and machinery.
  5. I'd be fine with default Absorb allowing slow floaty movement with a dodge for some distance + able to cast her other powers. Assimilate's niche is then therefore allowing weapon attacks at the cost of explosion radius.
  6. Yareli feels fun, that much has been established for those of us who appreciate the mobility and run-and-slash playstyle on her fishboard. Outside of that, she doesn't have any exceptional niche you'd want to bring to a squad. Off the board, she is a generic frame that has potential to shine but continues to go unrealized, because basic stat changes are all that is brought to the table. Delve deeper into unique gameplay mechanics for the next batch of changes if there is one coming, is all I ask.
  7. She's slower, Meru's speed was nerfed comparied to Bondi and other built K-Drives for better control indoors.
  8. Post away. They are busy with New War which means before that is done there aren't any plans to do frame reworks. Remembering the time before Helminth was introduced in Deimos, DE said that it isn't and won't be used as an excuse to not rework frames in the future.
  9. Worth testing if ability CC works on them now or not for preciously useless powers (e.g. The Lost: Deny lift vs. Battalyst/Conculyst).
  10. She feels more fun after the changes, but largely because the dash in essence is re-enabling dodge roll while you're on a K-Drive. She's a frame that takes away important options to remind you what you're taking for granted.
  11. Honestly I think Erra is Ballas' puppet in his bid to usurp the Sentients' hierarchy by manipulating Natah. He even gets a new form from what we've seen at Tennocon. Don' be afraid. You'll either join me or be destroyed swiftly in my new empire.
  12. Revenant was a Warframe nicknamed Warden before he fell into the Eidolon waters and had Eidolon spectral energy infused into him, wearing his body like a "mask". We don't actually know if he was made with Sentient parts as a unique Warframe model. Caliban is supposedly made of partially Sentient parts fused into a Warframe. The speculation is that either Erra or Ballas will perfect the Amalgamation process in The New War to convert captured denizens of Sol into Sentient hybrids, with Warframe/Sentient hybrids as their latest success.
  13. Hone-in speed buff is good. Being able to tell at a glance where the globules are is good too. Sea Snares, however, really should phase through walls to reach their targets. As well, in their armed trap idling state, Sea Snares suffer from a short detection radius, leaving bubbles that hover in the air above the ground essentially unusable. They also have a tendency to splash into the same target, a behavior which wastes an opportunity to snare multiple targets. Consider some proposed changes below to make this power not invalid itself after Yareli casts it: Sea Snares globules are affected by gravity and will drift back to the ground if idling. When a Sea Snare splashes onto an enemy, it applies its snare effect to all enemies around it within a small radius (the current 3.5 meters should be sufficient). Sea Snares' detection radius is made affected by Ability Range. These changes also side-buff Riptide and Sea Snares interaction. A single bubble splashing into an enemy being drawn into Riptide's center can cascade and chain the snare effect to potentially multiple enemies caught inside. Where Riptide is meant to be a quick one-and-done cast, Sea Snares is designed to last a good while. Let the snares do their intended job and excel at it, reach new heights of usefulness when combo-ed with Yareli's other abilities.
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