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  1. This has me concerned as well. You're forced out of Pulverize if your fuel is out, but you knock them away during ball mode and don't replenish your supply (unless you can cast Feast while rolling around?) I'd like to spend time rolling around even when enemies are scarce. Maybe let us stay in Pulverize but drain energy per second if no enemies are in the tummy.
  2. He's a great candidate for health, armor, Adaptation and Rage mods to help him stay relevant. Quick Thinking and Primed Flow too as he stood at 638 energy capacity in the devstream.
  3. Maybe Meatball doesn't need an enemy to be eaten first to activate, and you can slam I to the guy to deal damage 😂
  4. Cataclysm is a spawned area centered on the location of where your aiming reticle is pointing at. Though its nuking potential has been severely dialled back, it is now still one of the few nukes in the game that can rip a percentage of hitpoints away from a group of enemies. Ember's Inferno probably deals some upfront ability damage then leave it all to DOT. After all, you want those enemies to burn as long as you need to spread the Heat procs all around.
  5. Enthrall should make lasting minions for Rev to take advantage of. Changes I'd make is Enthrall now marks an enemy for resurrection on death into a Spectralyst copy with improved stats, spawning together with the pillar like how the Eidolons arise from the waters at night. Enemies stunned by Mesmer Skin causes Enthrall to chain between stunned enemies marking them all if in range of each other. Thralls and pillars also leave this "mask" on new enemies. For simplicity's sake the mark/mask is the Vomvalyst above their heads. There is no limit to the amount of marks, only limit of thralls active. If the mask disappears before the enemy dies, the enemy suffers a knockdown. Both masked enemies and Spectralysts give their existing benefits to Mesmer Skin (re-charge), Reave (extra shield/health leech) and Danse Macabre (Overshield orbs). Activate Danse Macabre to teleport all Spectralysts to you. Danse Macabre can damage masked enemies, but not Spectralysts.
  6. I think Ice Wave should do more than just a bit of damage and a conical Cold proc. Cause it to form razor-sharp icicles on enemies the wave hits. Killing enemies with these icicles causes them to dart out, dealing Cold and Puncture damage and proc. Icicled enemies count as a valid surface or obstacle for Snow Globe's initial cast, so if enemies frozen by Snow Globe are thrown into icicled enemies, they suffer percent hitpoint damage as though they slammed into a wall. That same amount of damage is also dealt to the icicled enemy the frozen enemy slammed into.
  7. His 1 can be held down to vomit all enemies you ate out in front of you with Toxin damage dealt to them. His 3 just launches 1 of the enemies you ate far away doing damage. So really he has 3 ways to delete enemies from his stomach.
  8. Yes, and make it an upper body animation so you can move while flashing. Rubble IMO should drop from Landslide direct kills (rocks shatter from Atlas' fist) and Tectonics breaking apart (wall and boulder).
  9. I mean after the Duviri Paradox they might explore the origins of the Warframes. Have the Helminth Infirmary reverse the Infestation, find the original Dax's lost memories, and create a replica of the Dax who becomes a Specter ally of yours to go on missions, man your Railjack, and more.
  10. Vauban was created to "set watch upon" the Corpus, using high tech gadgets. In a sense he's the Corpus frame. Still hoping we can capture the Wolf of Saturn Six and turn him into a Warframe. He's got such a cool design.
  11. Thorns will give damage reduction too. Razorflies drawing aggro and soon help you pick up Tribute souls lets you park snuggly somewhere in the air and turret away with Dex Pixia.
  12. Soul Punch should leave a soul in place that Shadows of the Dead (and you + teammates) can attack to damage the real body. Who cares if the body was sent to space if you can still kill the guy left as a sitting duck. Also make it double or triple the multiplier on SotD that you modded for, against the Soul. Terrify could give Nekros armor bonus too, based on the number of targets he feared. Health Orbs in general and from Desecrate should help heal Shadows too.
  13. I don't expect them to take a step backward with an augment... but maybe those set ablaze by the comets (and those that have the fire spread to them) can have pillars of fire erupt from under them for additional burst Heat damage and a knockdown. For nostalgia's sake.
  14. I'd like Tentacles to drag enemies they capture to the base of the tentacle, instead of throwing them around. Easier to aim at and kill with guns, enables ground finisher for melee, and helps Undertow drown them if the tentacles are on top of the pool.
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