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  1. I paste my Glyph over their face to remind them they aren't playing in Solo, when/if they get back from afk-ing.
  2. I wonder if they would test having Yareli's modded ability stats affect the values of those K-Drive mods equipped onto Merulina. K-Drive damage mods with 4 m and 400 damage sucks for sure, but Juice's 55 energy per 100 Trick Score is juicy and 5 sec invulnerability are nothing to scoff at.
  3. Dev build Aquablades looked to be less than 3 meters though (unmodded). If anything was 10 meters, it was her Cyclone Strike's suction radius. Her 3 is Helminth Subsumed too. If it was problematic it would deal less damage or get reduced range, but I don't see that happening.
  4. Try practicing the Mastery Test by going to any Relay and visit Cephalon Simaris' Sanctuary. In the Sanctuary, turn right walk up the stairs, you'll find all the tests.
  5. Although the abilities themselves feel basic for now, I'd like to think about Yareli's potential synergies: Sea Snares + Aquablades = Aquablades pop a bubble on a snared enemy each time it is hit, dealing Gas damage and proc in an AoE; Gas damage is equal to the sum of the Impact damage per second the snared enemy is currently taking (so the longer the snare is in effect, the more damage the Gas deals). Sea Snares + Cyclone Strike = If at least 1 enemy is snared and drawn in by the cyclone, other enemies in the cyclone will have Sea Snares applied to them. Aquablades + Cyclone S
  6. For an in-game demonstration, it wasn't the best first impression for sure. Kind of like the Devstream that first showed Nidus, which felt bland before we dove into his released version discovering the rest of the mechanics that make him one of the best frames around nowadays. Work in progress, rough 'round the edges, as usual. Hope so. From what little we saw, the recast actually popped older globules leaving the max at 3 at this time. I want some Gas damage and procs personally, those don't see much use in abilities.
  7. K-Drive aside, the rest of the surface value of Yareli's other abilities leave me wanting for more. Wishlist: Sea Snares - Ability Strength to affect globule count. Let weapons + Aquablades burst the bubbles on the ensnared enemy ala Spores to do AoE stagger and Gas damage with procs. Aquablades - each blade (I counted around 3?) deals damage and proc chance on hit with a chance to stagger. Equipped melee damage mods can affect Aquablades' damage and damage type to proc other Elemental status. Reactivate to send the ring of blades flying toward the reticle for some distance.
  8. Gara - broken bathroom mirrors Gara Prime - makeshift men's washroom merry-go-round. Good luck with your aim, friends.
  9. Maybe like Saryn's Spores, the UI meter on the right subtracts damage per second until zero. You can recast Splinter Storm to pause the damage decay and add damage with Mass Vitrify shattering.
  10. Pablo tweeted some changes to default K-Drive mechanics which let players use restore pizzas, so I hope he also addresses picking up drops/orbs as well.
  11. Remember, our golden lords demand entertainment, and cute is always right.
  12. While Merulina looks gigantic, I don't think Yareli needs to shrink but rather her hitbox/collision box should, to help her navigate the tight cramped spaces of the tilesets. She's supposed to have more lenient crashing resistance not forcing her off the board, so I think Pablo would also give her an easier time when bumping into things. Bumper Cars the Frame.
  13. Melee enemies, enemies that attack you in melee range. Since those aquabkades are only 2-3 meters from Yareli. Merulina has 5000 HP that sucks in 75% incoming damage on you, with K-Drive movement speed being high-ish, you can afford some drive-by blending I reckon.
  14. Getting a feeling that her 1 and 4 are meant to be spammed with that energy pool of hers. On the surface yeah, they look quite bland. 1 has a target cap of 3 bubbles, which hopefully scales in number with strength and does some AoE damage if you shoot the snared guy dead. 3 is something you'd have on 24/7 since you can afford it to help mince melee enemies. 4 does damage too but those level 10 Corrupted are hardly indicative of remarkable damage. Hoping to see some synergy with 1 and 3 in there. I wonder if you'd get launched up on Merulina if you cast 4 below you. Might ma
  15. Cautious optimism for surfer babe. That flip slamming into railing that Reb did with Yareli and made her deboard worries me a bit. Mobility interruption leading into breaking her out of K-Drive controls on Star Chart tilesets will be very annoying vey fast.
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