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  1. PsiWarp

    Why not tell us what the Saryn changes will be?

    It's a long weekend here in Canada. Pablo's got ideas he probably jot down somewhere, itching to code up when back to work on Tuesday. You can try asking him via twitter but I doubt he can go into specifics without actually designing and testing it out first.
  2. PsiWarp

    So about Saryn's "Big changes incoming"

    Didn't Pablo say she'll be stronger in other content and not as ridiculous in Onslaught? Sounds like buffing + nerfing = balancing.
  3. Still hoping Protect posture gets a little love. Sure we can mark a target to disarm it, but realistically speaking energy is far better spent placing Attack or Heal marks. Also it doesn't work on melee enemies it looks like, it didn't knock down Butchers at least.
  4. I see what you did there Danielle 🙂
  5. PsiWarp

    Khora's first ability buff ?

    It would be nice to get a little higher critical chance, but with Cat's Eye/Charm and True Steel I'm seeing consistent crits with my Khora.
  6. U22.20.~ feedback: Whipclaw Increased radius makes this ability a highly potent nuke, and greatly helps gain more combo counter hits. The explosion/burst visual effect doesn't scale with Ability Range, so it sometimes makes it hard to gauge how big the AoE will be. Still doesn't take advantage of Strangledome's 2x damage multiplier. Intended or bugged? Ensnare Seems to work properly now. Thanks for all the fixes! Appreciate the buffs to pull radius and lowered propagation delay. These should help reduce the wasteful casts by a lot. Long reaching and long lasting CC. Perfect for Whipclaw and AoE weapon playstyles, as well as being headshot-friendly. This is CC that is very team-friendly, unlike Strangledome. My only gripe is that Whipclaw + Ensnare synergy only starts working when enemies don't get 1 shot by Whipclaw. Venari She is much more responsive now that she will (inevitably) teleport to the marked target. Of course, there is still the occasional AI processing delay making her decide to teleport a while later, rather than instantly. Good progress. Any reason why Venari doesn't use parkour like other Kavats and Kubrows? It would help her keep up with Khora and other players marked for healing, and ideally keep her from getting stuck on geometry. While yes she can now teleport, it would be nice if energy isn't needed to get a basic function other companions enjoy. Still a bit difficult to look for Venari during combat, even though she can be summoned via teleport. A Venari/Kavat waypoint for QOL, please? Strangledome Thanks for fixing Ensnare not propagating on Strangledome enemies. Now I can do more damage with Whipclaw and prepare an Ensnare on a guy to group enemies up when the dome disappears. It's pretty nifty and convenient, with no more anti-synergy! Venari has trouble doing anything to enemies dangling above the ground. Strangledome seems like a playhouse for our beloved metal Kavat, so maybe allow her to bounce between enemies to hit them... or when enemies on the ground vertices are killed, enemies hanging above would shuffle to those now unoccupied vertices at ground level so Venari can hit them? Or even less complicated, allow Venari's attacks and effects to distribute like Whipclaw when hitting enemies in Strangledome. Attack posture would be devastating and Protect would actually disarm multiple targets for added utility. As said by many before, enemies dangling in Strangledome is funny. But once the novelty wears off, it is very annoying for gun and melee users to try and hit them. It's the same problem people have with ragdoll mechanics because it makes it unnecessarily difficult to hit enemies whose bodies are flailing randomly all over the place. Maybe when any enemy in Strangledome receives damage, the chains constrict tightly on all enemies, keeping them immobilized at their occupied vertices? This way any source of damage, be it from Khora, her team, and even other enemies outside the dome, will help quicken their deaths in a productive way.
  7. PsiWarp

    Harrow Penance "Ear Ringing"

    Maybe if you ask a little more nicely, they might consider it. But for now, it fits Harrow. No pain, no gain.
  8. PsiWarp

    Next Warframe Guesses

    An oddity born from the union of mortal enemies. I mean, we don't see Sentient-based weapons malfunctioning when a Tenno wields them, so designing a Warframe around Sentient tech isn't that farfetched.
  9. PsiWarp

    Next Warframe Guesses

    Sentient in nature, first of its kind, just as Excalibur was the first...?
  10. PsiWarp

    Venari needs to stop triggering alarms

    Change to Heal posture and mark Venari to make her stand in place for a minute. Bring a Huras or go Operator mode to make it easier.
  11. PsiWarp

    Please nuke "Nuke" Trinity

    Go to the source of the problem, which is Trinity’s interactions with self-damage weapons, instead of destroying the utterly niche mod that could use all the buffing it can get.
  12. Since we’re going the route of heavy melee attacks on LMB in Melee 3.0, and Whipclaw (hopefully still) scales with the combo counter, it’s perfectly in line with what the devs have been working on. Even if melee wasn’t touched, powers are allowed to have their own unique set of mechanics to differentiate them from other abilities or draw upon similar features. Exalted weaponry are a category, yes, but no two are the same.
  13. PsiWarp

    Does Arcane Energize only apply to Allies?

    When you slot a maxed out Arcane, you get an extra revive on top of your default 4 revives. You can have 2 maxed Arcanes on your frame, so you can 6 revives all in all per mission.
  14. PsiWarp

    Does Arcane Energize only apply to Allies?

    Nope, you yourself get bonus energy the more you rank up your Arcane, as well as extend the range you give energy to allies.