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  1. We'll have to see the passive's ingame description. Evasion supposedly reduces enemy accuracy, but if Xaku negates damage from a hit they received, then it's a second shield-gate based on a dice roll that also works with health.
  2. Maybe Shock will finally do what Volt did in the cinematic trailer.
  3. Tactical Potato isn't a dev though. Did he ask one and confirm?
  4. Odd, I heard "a limited number" from Rebb on Tennolive instead.
  5. For those who missed it, Xaku's passive is a chance to avoid a source of incoming damage. It sounds like either the enemy will miss the attack (evasion?), or the attack that hits Xaku has a chance to do no damage. With The Vast Untime on, the skeletino will be pretty tanky already.
  6. People pronounce their name as Zac-ku, but we both know XA-ku reigns supreme.
  7. Replace Regurgitate on Grendel (unless they make some changes to it, since it seems like a candidate for the Helminth system). Anything would be better, honestly.
  8. Just because you can replace it with another, almost assuredly infrequently used abilities that just adds flavor to the original Warframe's kit, doesn't mean they won't revisit problematic kits in the future.
  9. I suppose it's like reattaching your body to a wall of your own stem cells, being slowly reabsorbed and repurposed. It isn't known yet if the process is painful for the Warframe, even though the Helminth's stings were pretty apparent in how much pain they inflict.
  10. Little bugger can spin 360 like the best of them.
  11. So with Xaku's kit described to include Void damage, do you think any changes to that damage type will accompany them? Right now, Void damage is half as effective against Cloned Flesh and Fossilized health, with no bonuses against any health type. Granted, it has properties that specifically targets the Sentients, and at this time for Xaku it isn't hooked up to go against Eidolons yet. Also, the status effect, I think it should account for multiple procs just like the rest of the damage types. Stack or refresh or even a new effect besides bullet attractor.
  12. Xaku (Xata is the Requiem mod) is alright. Although Xata's Whisper felt really uninspired, a timed damage buff whoop (Elemental damage augments...), maybe it does something more. Grasp of Lohk seems to be close range only and has a limited number of affected enemies, plus the stolen weapons also don't last very long. The damage scales with enemy levels which is nice. We don't know what the little Void orb does yet if cast on enemies not holding weapons. The Lost is three in one, each of the sub-abilities do Void stuff... CC, damage, and debuffs, why not. The Vast Untime looks so weird! I wonder if the Appearance attachments also get blown off (mah fashionframe). Xaku without their parts is like a Dr. Manhattan cosplay gone wrong, haha. The ability seems to do a few things, need the numbers to see if it's solid or not.
  13. Infestation mutates and evolves so quickly and drastically to the point that nothing is immune to its mutagenic properties for long.
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