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  1. There's always someone who will complain content isn't coming fast enough or high quality enough. Big content releases like CotT need time and manpower, so they changed the Devstream schedules for more dev time and pumped out what's ready to come out (Star Days, etc).
  2. The kit is less set and forget, more engaging which I enjoy in a frame. I just hope that his 4th will be faster than Transference in and out.
  3. Rebb did make the Shadow dodge forward a few times. Hopefully it can jump too, because if I wanted to be stuck on the ground I'd use Rumbled on Atlas.
  4. There's too much unknown details still, so I'll wait for the release and any tweaks thereafter. Like, does the Shadow's three abilities cost energy or drain the souls from his meter? Is it a shared or separate energy pool, where Gloom's energy drain per second is involved? Can you fill the soul meter while playing as the Shadow to sustain your exalted form longer, etc etc.
  5. I don't mind the claws, they enlarge like malleable shadows when attacking and look cool enough. If they do decide to go with a shadow scythe this far into development, then keep this shape-stretching aspect to the animations and I'll be golden as well.
  6. Rather a small wishlist of features for our local ghosty. Cast Reap then cast Shadow Form to teleport to your flying wraith's location. Deal True damage type in one or more of his abilities, maybe introduce a status effect for True? Exalted Shadow Form claws moddable in the Arsenal. Roll/dodge & maybe reduced gravity as Shadowform? Client-side transition from Sevagoth to Shadowform and vice-versa (please, Transference is so unreliable with a laggy host, don't make Sevagoth suffer the same fate). Invulnerability for a few seconds when you pop into Shadowf
  7. Dead game Paragon has a hero called Sevarog, who is also a reaper-type character. Inspiration there maybe?
  8. https://paragon.fandom.com/wiki/Sevarog This guy but Warframed~
  9. Sevagoth's scarf is slaying, just saiyan.
  10. Companion Revive gear item! Give the feels that Ordis is monitoring your mission and giving you support where needed.
  11. Something like each ability only drains 1/4 of the vial element (so remember to refill after casting 4 times) and holding an ability button at any time replaces the element with your chosen new one.
  12. What I most want from Wraithe are his soul resource management and exalted reaper form. The rest depends on the changes they made. His 1's dash... make him bypass locked doors!
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