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  1. I wonder if they get any brief or full duration immunity to player damage like Mind Control makes its target... plus, if the light mines also enthrall enemies that trip them or not. A dead enemy also makes for boring gameplay. Leave some puppets for us control freaks to toy with, thanks.
  2. PsiWarp

    Thoughts from a new Limbo player

    Divide the battlefield, divide your enemies, divide the team, and divide the community. Now divide by zero.
  3. PsiWarp

    Vauban is too squishy for his looks

    Looks can be deceiving, as under that thin armor plating is probably a factory and storage space for his spherical devices.
  4. Appreciate the food for thought. Depending on a per-player basis, weapon combat and object interaction that are disrupted by Limbo's usage of the Rift can either be tolerable or not. I think simply allowing allies into the Rift on their own accord, by engaging in combat with Rift-bound enemies, is an idea worth testing. However, if the Rift is easily accessible to the whole squad, why then would they choose to fight in the material plane? Just have Limbo keep everything Rift-bound and Stasis-ed for an easy, non-interactive target practice session, nearly every mission because Limbo would then become meta. At this time, weapon attack negation and disabling vital object interactions are the two ironclad rules that force players to exit the Rift; even though they are major inconveniences and have the potential to grind missions to a halt, they are there to ensure enemies have a fighting chance so players aren't bored by stale gameplay. I believe there could be replacements/methods/mechanical changes for these two rules that don't majorly hinder mission progress and still encourage players to fight on both fronts.
  5. PsiWarp

    Slight Limbo QoL

    Good idea. It's very hard to keep track of how many Rift-bound enemies there are when out if sight or when mixed in with material-bound enemies. Add Rift Surge to the equation and it's just a metric ton of visual chaos.
  6. If Venari is misbehaving like most cats tend to do so, recall her by marking yourself so she follows you as she uses Heal. I do find it odd that strangled enemies can still capture an interception point if they are touching the consoles. A bug or oversight perhaps. Enemies dangling wildly in Strangledome is quite inconvenient, as mentioned enmasse by players when Khora first released and thereafter. Its novelty wears off quickly if you're not able to shoot or hit them precisely, unless you use AoEs.
  7. PsiWarp

    Let's talk about Limbo's Surge...

    Put enemies into the Rift with Banish or Cataclysm, cast Rift Surge to supercharge them (they have to be in range of you). Now wait until they leave the Rift or manually force them out with Banish or Cataclysm, they will then bring themselves and nearby material-bound enemies back into the Rift. Basically, turn every Rift-bound enemy around you into a radial Banish trap that triggers when they leave the Rift in various ways.
  8. PsiWarp

    Nidus is way too powerful

    So he has to actively work for that level of power which also sustains his presence in high level content. Power that can be reached immediately by firing a well-modded weapon. If you're actively playing the game and aren't dying, chances are you’ve practiced enough to reach that stage. The amount of pub Niduses I've seen struggling to collect stacks only to waste it all on Undying and end up on the ground every other minute is staggeringly frequent. Played well, any Warframe can survive well past their stats allow. Nidus just happens to do this easier than most, as he was designed, if you know how to play him.
  9. Maybe Operators can interact with the Boreus Sweeping Posts to kickstart some type of event. As for the Orbs, the big ones probably need kiddo magic to bring down.
  10. PsiWarp

    [Warframe Ability Rework] Limbo Cataclysm

    Exactly. Which is why it should be a contextual mechanic for Warframes, independent from Limbo's actions.
  11. PsiWarp

    [Warframe Ability Rework] Limbo Cataclysm

    It's a sound idea to briefly bring the object user material-bound during interaction. Make Operator an option not a workaround.
  12. PsiWarp

    Limbos Shoulder Roll Void Window

    Rift, it's called the Rift. Roll out if you cross a portal or get Banished by Limbo. Walk out of a Cataclysm.
  13. PsiWarp

    Revenant 4th ability

    Exalted Laser Fingers? It gets weirder every update. But yeah, the new ability looks rad. As long as Vlad's the one spinning and not me.
  14. PsiWarp

    Sooo... Garuda. (bit of spoiler)

    I'd like to see what she's doing in her concept art. Impale enemy with stretchy claws, pull it back in ragdoll form, use as frontal shield that you can throw or discard after a duration. With each enemy killed by your claws or being your meat shield, she gets stronger in some shape or form.
  15. PsiWarp

    Limbos Rift

    IMO you should be able to do this in the Rift, and if DE wants you to be exposed to material plane for balanced sake, just make you immune to Rift like Operators while interacting with said objects, instead of completely shutting down the option to use them.