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  1. Wisp is a Will-o'-Wisp and portals themed Warframe with a ghost-like aesthetic. Will-o'-Wisps are little lights or ghostly flames that inhabit swampy/marshy terrain with tons of plantlife as far as the eye can see. Their tendency to disappear and reappear without warning is evident in Wisp's invisibility. Since this is a sci-fi fantasy game, space magic exists, thus portals are added on top of this theme. Her little plants are made of the same Infested flesh as she is. They could have been growing on Lua for all we care and she summons them through portals. But they went with a new dimension instead, oh well.
  2. We don't know yet. Check again when Sol Gate is tested.
  3. The way it is worded by Lotus in the Profile, it's as though there is a CHANCE to shoot out a surge spark on every hit to the surged enemy. "Damage proportional to the damage received", implies a ratio or percentage of the damage you do to the surged enemy. If Breach Surge creates surge sparks from ability damage, then there is natural synergy with Sol Gate already.
  4. Turn Bounce pad into a Spectre pad. Have you or teammates walk over it, then spawns a stationary Spectre with the exact loadout the player has. Stationary turret with style.
  5. Art team and frame design team ain't gonna stop pumping out new frames. They multitask.
  6. That's Banish you are talking about. When Limbo dashes into the Rift he leaves a portal behind him, or when he casts his 1st ability (also called Banish), teammates get thrown into his dimension where they cannot pick up things until they exit. When you see a Banish buff icon timer at the top-right beside your Health/Shield bars, use Roll or Backflip to cancel the buff and exit the Rift. You can also use Operator mode to avoid the Rift in the first place. Helps when you really need to interact with objects like Life Support or hacking consoles. Limbo's Banish would keep your Warframe safe from damage when used that way.
  7. ETA one week. Guess we're stuck staring at the sun. Portals-to-fires seems to be her actual theme.
  8. Indeed. Visually though she does use portals to plop her Mote flowers down by summoning it from the portal above her head. Her 2 could use a fading portal effect in front of her when spawning the light clone, and maybe one behind her when she teleports. Also that selection circle that appears when Reb moused over a Reservoir looks like Pablo's UI handiwork, and the art resembles a portal though we haven't found out its function. She's coming along nicely in that department.
  9. Reservoirs can sustain Motes' timers (the buffs) indefinitely if you stay in range. Hopefully can mod the range. If you mouse over a Reservoir a circle appears. Not sure what that is, but I speculate that maybe 1) you can change a reservoir's type by looking at it and tapping 1 to cycle through, or 2) press 3 to blind enemies near the Reservoir you're looking at, or 3) press 2 to instantly teleport to the Reservoir you're looking at. Sol deals Corrosive, Radiation and Heat damage with their procs. Hope the new 3rd does more than just be a Radial Blind.
  10. If Sol is to be kept as a aimed beam of growing damage, then it should not limit Wisp to the ground and hinder her mobility/passive that she relies on for surviving. Allow her to use her full mobility including parkour, but doing those maneuvers (except rolling since they might add a custom dash like Hildryn's) would temporarily close the portal to the sun and reopen it once she finishes. Can jump to use her passive invisibility. Allow her to use 2 and 3 while channeling Sol. If using 2, her doppelganger holds open the sun portal and the beam goes where you aim. If using 3, enemies hit by those reservoir explosions add damage to her 4's beam.
  11. Devs really love their ragdoll system, even to the point it makes enemies blast off again like Team Rocket. Khora's Strangledome is one such accomplishment; they built it around the idea of having ragdolls dangling from it. They haven't removed it from Tentacle Swarm, they added it to Air Burst, by proxy they aren't gonna remove it from Strangledome either.
  12. Just make the AFK timer work on his passive. If they haven't moved for 2+ mins then kicked out of the Rift they go.
  13. For Reservoir, maybe it would be faster pace if all reservoirs can change their buffs on the fly when Wisp cycles through them, kinda like Venari's modes. You just plop down reservoirs at key points and change the buff type as you need them.
  14. Thinking about possible synergies... Light + Sol = When hit by Sol beam, Light clone travels farther and faster, can be cast during Sol to distract enemies and teleport Wisp to the clone. Sol beam's damage increase if hitting the same target also works on Light clone, letting Wisp charge up the beam's damage. Reservoir + Light = Light clone passing through a reservoir will help Wisp pick up the buff, if she doesn't have that type of buff active yet. Harness + Sol = Harness explosions include a percentage of Sol's scaling damage if cast while Sol is active, but turns off Sol once used.
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