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  1. It's been a while since Atlas got his revisited pass, and now with Deimos Arcana his Bulwark got touched to deal a bit of damage in a small AoE around itself. The Devs did say they want to go back and beef up Tectonics in the future, so here are some suggestions for them. Tectonics 3.0 Bulwarks and boulders leave behind a Rubble drop (50 HP/AP) when destroyed. Petrified versions leave behind an enhanced Rubble drop (75 HP/AP). Not sure why Tectonics was excluded from the Rubble drops when it is tied to 3 of his abilities. It's a pile of rocks too. Boulders must tra
  2. Totally. Being locked into a ward now that we can change elements on the fly is too restrictive.
  3. Seems like Spectral Scream could use some of that Airburst additional damage per target hit, now that it can chain out a bit. Remember that Chroma is trading his weapon usage (which deal way more damage more quickly) and needing to stand 10 meters next to a crowd of enemies, while constantly draining energy.
  4. The mod should instead say the number of thralls and pillars active. At least that would make the buff last a while in multiplayer.
  5. I'm expecting a [DE]lay on him too. Or a surprise visit from the ghost of Tennobaum past.
  6. It's nice that Chroma players finally get to swap their elements in-mission and the first ability is seeing tweaks. Personally I would love to see more changes to bring Chroma's kit up to newer Warframe standards in terms of high individual ability effectiveness with inter-kit synergetic features. Passive - There's a new one in the works which seems simple but effective, a triple jump gives Chroma an extra edge in mobility which I welcome. Spectral Scream - with the Arcana changes, I expect it to become a frontal cone for status procs that spreads best against crowds of bunched up en
  7. People don't want it on Spectral Scream because it's the nobrainer choice to be replaced with a "better" Helminth Subsumed ability. DE saw how unpopular the ability was, so they are trying to buff it up by adding more features to it. Whether or not the buffs are enough to make Spectral Scream good is still up for debate (IMO, it needs much more).
  8. They fixed it to not pause status effects like Petrify, Mass Vitrify, and Avalanche. Unless you are saying that status DOTs aren't dealing damage during Stasis.
  9. Aside from Gaze, Accuse and Deny are pretty much one-off abilities that while technically can last a long time with The Vast Untime, in practice they dont. IMO, Accuse can take a lesson from abilities like Lull to have a lingering effect in case the newly converted enemies get vaporised by your teammates. Like a Void Fissure, Accuse Fissure would stay active for a short time to keep adding minions that wander into its radius up to the target cap. Deny even with round 2 changes is at its core a linear damage/CC burst. At 75 energy it is definitely not worth the cost, needing you to ha
  10. IMO Spectral Scream still need to deal damage per tick rather than 1 hit per second, to take advantage of that 100% status chance and stack the procs to okay-ish levels.
  11. Same here. Tried to verify and optimize download cache, but nope just keeps redownloading. Might be better to get a log and send to support or wait for the next hotfix to drop.
  12. Let me live the dream of 4 tornadoes in one place where I cast them instead of everywhere else that I can't see. Airburst changes are weird. Because it's a subsumable, it might see niche use for damage stacking in a line and reliable Parazon mod effects abuse? Is Parazon finisher a 1HKO btw? That means Zeph and other Helminth builds could use a 30% HP slow insta-kill.
  13. Hmm there's not much she really needs changed on her. Sonic Boom add a silencing effect to make enemies hit deafened for a time. Sound Quake to persist for a few seconds when you deactivate it.
  14. It depends if the tap AoE is a sustained or one-off thing. Hold-release talons are good enough that guns proc bleed reliably. Needing me to remove a potentially more powerful melee for her melee talons and a short 7 meters of I assume causing immediate Slash procs for combo building... I guess this is for the Garuda melee enthusiasts out there.
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