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  1. PsiWarp

    Inaros Augment Useless?

    Do allies finishing blinded enemies also have chance to spawn Sand Shadows?
  2. PsiWarp

    My Thoughts on Baruuk

    Looking forward to this monkframe. Savage is interactive CC done right IMO, while Sedative is the classic mass CC on button press, options for many playstyles. In before players turning Elude on and with back against a wall to leech on Hydron, haha.
  3. PsiWarp

    Forseeable BARUUK issue

    Scott mentioned melee attacks also generate edge, but specifically from enemies hitting him or by Baruuk's melee attacks (such as his Paci-fists), still need to see.
  4. PsiWarp

    She is getting some changes next week! HYPE

    Nice, can't wait to see what he has installed, she's already very fun and potent.
  5. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The focus of his tweaks seem to be on Reave for some reason. Sure it's a mobility skill that feels bland at face value, but with Enthrall being extra spammy and its pillars blowing up prematurely from player weapons, that feels like a more pressing issue to me.
  6. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Reave is turning out to be quite loaded an ability with perks that contradict Revenant's non-damage taking playstyle. Nice buffs for it, also kinda funny that it can now be modded to 1HKO thralls of any enemy level. Holding onto hope that Enthrall will be addressed.
  7. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Several things irks me about Enthrall... that a fellow Revenant is able to erase my pillars with Danse Macabre, that sometimes for some reason my teammates and my own weapons can make pillars explode by hitting them (bug?), and that thralls rarely live long enough to make use of the synergies built into Revenant's other abilities.
  8. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I would like to see thrall's spread rate go up so that Revenant doesn't have to constantly cast Enthrall to keep his minions from dwindling too quickly. Would like to suggest the following, mostly shifting existing mechanics around: Thralls have a chance to drop an Overshields pickup on death by default. This feature is moved from Danse Macabre. Thralls become spectral for half the remaining duration when killed. Spectral thralls are considered allies (not killable by players but killable by enemies), have copied stats of their former selves, and will still Enthrall other enemies on hit. All thralls (physical and spectral) count toward the cap. Can Reave through spectral thralls for shields/health/Mesmer Skin charges, as usual. Holding down Enthrall summons all thralls (physical and spectral) back to Revenant's side. Danse Macabre converts spectral thralls into Eidolon pillars when they are hit by lasers. Pillars no longer detonate. With these changes I think Enthrall as an ability and its related synergies can see more consistency in effectiveness. It would become a semi-reliable source of Overshields production, see more thralls active on the field at once, allow Revenant to relocate his army where he needs them (helps Reave significantly), and create pillars for even more damage/lasting CC when combined with Danse Macabre.
  9. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Yeah the fog needs adjustment. Don't have to literally be unable to see the ground to make him feel ghostly and spooky...
  10. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Dance Macabre blowing up pillars feels counterproductive to their function as dmg/lite CC turrets. It's already a challenge to Enthrall up to 7 minions and kill them before your allies do, but then the lasers wipe the field clean of your tower defense... to do only a bit more damage. Would rather see the pillars stay but get empowered by lasers somehow.
  11. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    The idea to turn thralls spectral on death temporarily so they can keep spreading the affliction is a good one. Not only do they still do their jobs as decoys, but the entire ability isn't abruptly wasted by all thralls dying. Just wish Enthrall can always be cast by Revenant so he can keep a meat shield nearby when Mesmer Skin breaks.
  12. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Raising the thrall cap, while a nice gesture, doesn't solve their dying far too fast to properly spread the affliction and provide a longer lasting distraction in multiplayer. Address their vulnerability to player damage so their numbers actually matter, then we have an small army to control for more than 5 seconds. Danse Macabre's new drain is excessively demanding on Ability Efficiency. Never mind the boosted drain that you'll need to stay a strong damage source in endless missions.
  13. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    I think Enthrall should persist pass the death of your thralls, as long as there is duration left on the ability. Killing thralls releases both an energy pillar and their Vomvalyst masks to wander around and take over new enemies. Slap Titania's Razorflies' AI on them so they would follow Revenant if no enemies are around (highly likely when you are Dansing), and charge to new enemies in range to make them thralls. Masks disappear when Enthrall duration is up.
  14. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    Maybe thralls dying leave an energy pillar and also free their spectral Vomvalyst skull to ghost around the area taking over new enemies? Imagine it working like Oberon's Smite homing projectiles. So even if Dance Macabre murderized your thralls, their Vomvalysts would find new targets to keep the pillar and Overshield pickup production going. Allies killing your thralls wouldn't waste your energy, it would get you new thralls in the area.
  15. PsiWarp

    [PC Update 23.5] Revenant Feedback Megathread

    After leveling Revenant to 30 and some testing in the Simulacrum, here's my feedback: Stats: That's a lot of shields, with ways to quickly restore it and stack Overshields built into his kit. Rocking Arcane Barrier and Arcane Aegis at the moment, so far so good. Nice base energy pool, going to need it for a spin2win build. Passive: Not bad as a backup plan in case his shields fail to restore in time. Not that special though for a passive. Enthrall This ability shows promise but still has ways to go. It has a good amount of ability duration, but in practice does not last long enough during combat for thralls to produce meaningful results. Thralls are meant to die, but they die too fast when caught in the crossfire from your teammates; a dead thrall is not helping you distract enemies or recruiting more thralls to your cause- it's disintegrated into an energy pillar that does moderate damage but also doesn't have much of a presence, since they too fade quickly. Due to thralls dying so quickly, it is also difficult to setup for Danse Macabre to massacre them for Overshields. Suggestions: Enemies that hit thralls also become thralls, up to the maximum amount. Enemies that are damaged by energy pillars also become thralls, up to the maximum amount. Revenant can always cast Enthrall on his desired enemy, even when max thralls are reached. If at the maximum amount of thralls, the oldest one is released from his spell. Energy pillars can proc some type of element (Heat, Radiation, etc). If Danse Macabre's energy beams hit an energy pillar, an Overshield pickup spawns where it is (limited once per energy pillar). Mesmer Skin Revenant's survivability power. I'm glad the number of charges is modifiable, as attacks from all sides can easily surpass the remaining charges and render Revenant vulnerable in the blink of an eye. The CC stun, though short-lasting, is a helpful feature I'd keep. That said, this ability does have its shortcomings... the long casting animation that roots me in place, the confusing charge tracker on the ability icon (charges which can dip into decimals from modding, but display a 0 on the icon), the constant field of opaque mist surrounding my legs obscuring vision, the lack of direct feedback on which enemy triggered a charge and where that enemy is (so I can promptly use Enthrall on him for free while he is still stunned). It's a bit jarring. The little Eidolon tendrils on Revenant's shoulder are a nice touch though. Suggestions: Reduce casting animation time. Tweak mist visual effect to be less visually obstructive. Add an energy trail visual effect that goes from Revenant to an enemy when an attack is redirected. Number of charges round up to the nearest whole number (1.5 charge becomes 2 charges), displayed properly on ability page and ability icon. When all charges are used up and the ability ends, show the player a notable visual effect that communicates this event, rather than just the mist dissipating. Reave Mobility power with hitpoint restoration. Thankfully cancellable mid-dash, since this type of dash is non-steerable. Rather expensive to cast however, and not that visually pleasing due to it being a wall of mist that is quite flat. Leeching more hitpoints from thralls is a nice touch, but thralls hardly survive long enough in multiplayer for you to line up a perfect dash. Appreciate the instant cast during Danse Macabre, however. Suggestions: Mist wall size modifiable with Ability Range to catch enemies/thralls more easily. Reave innately staggers enemies that Revenant passes through. If Mesmer Skin is active, the stagger becomes a stun. Danse Macabre Very satisfying fourth ability with high anti-faction versatility and good damage. Combined with Reave, zoom from room to room erasing everything with laser beams from my finger tips is a fun experience in moderation. Just wish it was easier to set up a good amount of thralls to produce Overshields for my team. Suggestion: If Danse Macabre's energy beams hit an energy pillar left by a thrall, an Overshield pickup spawns where it is (limited once per energy pillar). Overall, I think Revenant is a welcomed addition to the growing list of Warframes. He just need extra touches to feel right at home.