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Maulster a Weapon Concept


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It is a magnetic based launcher that launches Red Hot Circular Saw blades magnetically locked to the weapon that keep spinning for a few seconds and dealing damage even after initial contact to enemies dealing Slash and Heat damage.  (it counts as a rifle)

The Alt Fire Key can be used to explode all saw blades in an enemy once they have high enough of a DOT that would kill them, and the said explosion will spread all status effects on the target to all enemies within 6m radius.

For example if the initial target had a 10k total DOT tick coming 1k slash tick, 41 heat tick from 1 heat proc  and 10 virals (which gives it a 9.6x on armor), the resulting explosion will spread exactly those amounts (including status procs) on all enemies around the target but since not all the damage on the initial target has came from the status procs it will also have crit chance and crit damage to make sure with enough investment it can kill in AOE style.

Stats are variables but generally the base HIT will deal a decent amount of damage but the bulk of damage will be from exteremly high status chance causing a lot of bleed and heat procs and the base fire mode has extremely low crit stats, the alt fire however has no base damage and no status chance (due to the way it functions) but it has a 30% crit chance and 2.0 multiplier.

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