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Fortuna bounties bugs


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On the spy bounty, after a terminal has been hacked it will never reactivate again, meaning that if you get the spy bounty again after you have successfully completed one, and the objective is the same terminal as before, the bounty won't be completable given the console doesn't even show the prompt to be hacked, and it can't be hacked again (also applies to consoles that open doors etc. For example, the console that lifts the glass dome on the spy bounty beneath the Profit Taker orb will be deactivated, and the glass dome will be already lifted) . A friend on the PC platform also reported this. My guess is that the entire spy vault isn't resetting properly, as I noticed some resource chests were reappearing.

On the rescue one, sometimes the enemies that drop Data Keys will stop dropping them / they stop spawning, meaning it's impossible to get the additional reward at the end of the bounty as well as it taking a lot of time.

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