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Mod screen scaling with Ultrawide screens


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  • TYPE: In-game (version 29.5.4), running in Direct X 11 mode on Windows 10 (latest release version)
  • DESCRIPTION: I use an ultra-wide screen for my PC (5120 x 1440) and for 99% of Warframe that functions without problems. However when I open the Arsenal while in Operator in the Necralisk instance and then go to modify the Necramech load out I get a view that unlike all other Warframe UI screens where the entire module area and text is severely stretched (4:3 stretched to my view ratio). So I did:
    • Load into Necralisk, go into operator and visit Loid.
    • Open Arsenal, select Vehicles and press upgrade for the Necramech
    • I get a wierd UI overlay that represents a different screen ratio than every other UI screen in game.
    • The same applies to modifying the Necramech weapon screen
    • This does not happen when in the Orbiter.
  • REPRODUCTION RATE: I have only tried to replicate this problem twice but each time it has happened.
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