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Archwing weapon disappeared?


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I apologise if this has already been posted, I didn't find it anywhere so here we go:

I just finished a mission on Caelus, farming for Dual Rounds. I brought my Corvas to level it, and used it through the first round. The host left after and I did the second round by myself. When it loaded back up, though, I could only use my archmelee. I figured, whatever, tiny bug, it'll be back next mission and this is my last round anyway. However, when I started the next mission, all the levels I had gained from the mission before were gone.


Edit: A few days go, while using the rest of the booster to prepare for Orphix Venom, I experienced the same bug with my Mech. After the second vault we did, the host left the game and when it loaded back up, I'd lost all of my levels. After going back to the Necralisk I got back the experience I had earned, but didn't get any of the bonus experience even though I had not failed any mission.

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