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Xaku's Gaze ability can be cast on Kela De Thaym, unsure if intentional (Merrow Assasination)


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I was trying to cast Xaku's Gaze on the rollers that Kela deploys, but found that it could instead be cast on Kela directly.

The ability behaved as if cast on a normal enemy as:

-Kela was locked in place during the duration of the ability (including mid air)

-Damage dealt to Kela while under the effects of Gaze was stored and inflicted when it wore off.


The orbital strike segments of the fight seemed to behave normally.


Being able to cast this ability directly on Kela seemed to significantly reduce the difficulty of the fight (being able to freeze and store damage on a boss while frozen) to a degree that I could not tell if this was an intentional decision or not. Felt that it should be reported just in case.



I did some further testing, and while finding that Gaze also works on other bosses and acolytes It doesn't behave in this same way. I tested it on Sargus Ruk and found that while he is immobile, the stored damage is not inflicted on him.

I'm now leaning toward the possibility of this being an intentional decision and that I may have just not fully understood a normal mechanic that works exceedingly well against Kela.

At the same time I'm still not entirely sure about what this is so I'll try and keep up with this for the time being.

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