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Warframe Concept: Ifrit


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Thought it might be cool to make a fire-themed Warframe, but then I realized Ember is already a thing lol

Maybe he could be molten metal. I haven't come up with any abilities and stuff yet. He is just a drawing for now, and I'll probably redesign him. I'll update this with more stuff later.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated



Here's the original concept I doodled after a math test: 




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6 minutes ago, ZABIJAVAK said:

@keikogi That's a really good idea

You can make his game play loop using his 1 and two as fire and molten metal skills. Using them generates Iron 

Them you give him really strong 3 and 4 using that iron. You can even go as far as allowing him to give someone else exalted weapons like jado sugestion for a shadow blacksmith 


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