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Gradivus Dilemma Gives Void Materials


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Ok, so, I look at Mars and I see there are Morphics, Salvage, Gallium and Fieldron Samples.


I go in fighting and What do I get?


Control Modules. Truckloads of them. Tsunamis of Control Modules.




Alloy Plate.


Gallium. (this is right)


Since I'm A Sneaky player, I instantly recognize that this is the Void's materials drop table. And I'm pretty sure of it because only the Void has such ridiculous Control Module drop rate.



For the love of RNG please fix at least the Control Module's drop rate (on both the Void and this). I get 3-4 per run, and it's supposed to be a bit rare. I now have a lifetime stock of Control modules, at well above 300, but most veterans have stopped counting them at well above that.

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