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2 Bugs : 1 with the communication of Lotus, Cephalon and daily gift. 2 with the interface on weapon.


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Hello, after the update 30, I started to construct the Railjack. When I finished to construct, I stop playing. After I reconnected and some black squares were replacing the npc that were supposed to speak to me. When the Cephalon or Lotus are supposed to speak to me (when I log for the first time) or in mission when Lotus speak the bug is the same. Also in the daily present the character that need to speak to me is replaced by a white square this time. And the second bug happenes when I wanted to buy Phantasma blueprint. If I don't have the weapon, when I click on it to see its statistics there screen is completely glitch with some mods that I don't even have and I can't do anything, I need to close the game. All those glitch started the 14 April. I tested to close the game, turn off and on my Nintendo switch but it didn't help.

Thanks for reading this and if you can help my it would be great :).

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