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Sevagoth systems not dropping while other players in squad got it


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My boi and I have been grinding Sevagoth for a hot minute now. He got his systems earlier today for himself. Him and I decided to grind out the systems for me by ourselves. Last mission he got the systems, but I did not get them. We where both in the same squad, doing the same mission together.

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On 2021-04-24 at 12:40 AM, XHADgaming said:

If you are maxed out on void traces it rerolls the drop table again if the reward is void traces.

That is the most bs way of giving out rewards... I did a run with a friend who's MR16, their Traces cap is only 900 while mine is 1600 at MR30... Huge discrepancy there as they reach it a lot more quickly than I do. Not to mention I don't actually stay at the cap very often anymore. I got Void Traces x100 from a bonus and they got Sevagoth Neuroptics, the last piece we both needed, now I just need to keep doing more runs.

I guess I'll work my way up to 1.6k and keep it there until I'm done farming Sevagoth and Epitaph.

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