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new railjack mission idea

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if you've ever played assasins creed black flag one of the main focuses of the game is that you can captain you're own ship and sail the open waters. i think you could do something like this. you already have a free roam area but there isnt much to do in it. i think if you mix the free roam missions (like cambion drift and the plains of eidelon) and open water in black flag it would be fun. i think it would feel like you're actually a captain of a ship. there would be other ships and thing like trading ships and stuff that woudn't kill you on sight but then there would be grineer/ corpus ships depending where you are that would start to kill you. and maybe there would be massive freighters that would be like boss style shipsand there wouldnt be many of them. but the ships would drop railjack resources and normal resources and the trading ships have a higher chance to drop rarer resources like terrilium. i dont know i think its a really cool idea.

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