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Solo survival not a thing anymore?


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So, I tried solo arbitration survival today and exactly at 29:57 my life support got to 0% and before that it hit red many times. I am hitting those red numbers and eventually hitting 0% is not because I can't kill the enemy fast enough, it's just that there's not enough enemies to kill for them to drop the life support drops. I had to rely on life support that spawns rather than drops because even after 20 minutes, I guess there only 6 enemies spawning every 30 seconds or something. Arbitration survivals is supposed to be hard, right? As in killing the enemies hard not  keeping the life support going hard? I don't know honestly. I often go solo survival and if it's not fissures where extra enemies spawn, it feels like there a lot less enemies spawning than there are in any other mission mode. Can we like, fix this ASAP? Otherwise, I don't think you can go solo survival anymore.https://imgur.com/a/kHafzR2

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