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Recruiting for Kawaii Desu Desu!


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Everyone is welcome to join.!

The clan is rank 11 with all blueprints crafted, including the dye pigments and backdrops.

For anyone interested in the clan icons, this is the clan emblem:


And the alliance emblem is this:



The clan was made by me and it was mainly just a bunch of friends sharing the clan, but I've decided to open it up for anyone in hopes of making it a little more lively since no one is on. Once we get more members hopefully I can allow people to decorate the dojo if people really want to!



Message me in game, this thread or request to join the clan in-game if interested!


UPDATE! We've expanded the clan to Mountain tier since we became 100 members!

UPDATE 2! We've reached about 230 members so if we reach the 300 cap we'll expand the clan tier again to accept more!

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21 hours ago, Roryy24 said:

Hi there. Just started playing the game and me and my friends are interested in joining, if that’s alright :)


13 hours ago, paluwu said:

Hey, i'd like to join if possible :)


12 hours ago, NegativeExperience said:

Intrested in joining if possible 


Of course! Message me in-game (Hyoudachi) or type {kawaii desu desu} in chat to view the clan page and request to join!

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On 2021-05-07 at 6:41 AM, ExaltedProphet said:

Heya! Sounds pretty good. I'm kind of a fresh player, but hoping to pick this game up again after I quit about 2 years ago. Only gotten to rank 5 though.

Curious to know where most of you guys are located? EU, NA, Atlantis?

Thanks :3

I'm pretty sure most of us are located in NA but I never asked around. We're probably located all around the world lol


On 2021-05-07 at 9:54 PM, Zeznon_ said:

I'm interested to join the clan if possible

Sure thing! Message me in-game or add me as a friend if i'm offline!

23 hours ago, Eyes said:

Hi I'm interested as well, I sent u a friend request

I sent an invite! Thanks for the friend request

18 hours ago, seonkyo said:



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On 2021-05-07 at 11:57 AM, Ati717 said:

I would also like to join, I just returned to the game after about a year and I was searching for a clan


Feel free to message me in-game or add me as a friend if i'm offline!

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I'd love to join an actually active Clan to have a helpful group incase I need assistance and to provide all the help I can as long as it is within my Possibilities. I am returning and I am trying to regain my bearings in this rather Complex but very enjoyable Game.

Would appreciate a Consideration <3 

Remember to always stay excellent and positive y'all.


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