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Serious bug in the mission rewarding of bounties assigned by Konzu.


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As I finished a tier 4 Eidolon-Plain bounty phase by phase, I saw that I was rewarded Standing with Red Veil and New Loka, and my Standing with Cephalon Soda and Arbitrators was reduced. It seemed that it was the Cephalon Soda's sigil I wore on my Oberon Prime frame somehow gained NEGATIVE standing in Soda that cause the abnormal change of standing, otherwise there's no way to increase New Loka and Red Veil's standing at the same time. BTW, at the time I accepted the bounty, I had already gained 31k standing, which was my daily limit.

In addition,  the bounty gave me Neo Z8 and Axi g5 relics as rewards for different phases, which is impossible to come by in the same bounty.  This might cause confusion, though it's not the worst part of the bug.

I hope game makers could take this seriously, since great deals of negative Standing earned in a survival mission might Ruin a player's hard work in the last few months.

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