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Syndicate Alliance is looking for members 18+


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Syndicate Alliance are Recruiting on PC!

About us:
Syndicate Alliance is a brand new Warframe clan created to meet chill people while having fun playing & developing our clan,
we are small but wish to grow.

What we are looking for:

  • -Players that want to help a clan grow. [Farming & Research]
  • -Mixture of Experienced and Novice players.
  • -Players looking for a long term clan!


  • -Discord is required for communication.
  • -18+ years of age.
  • -English or well enough to communicate.
  • -Helping and being helped, within the clan.

What we offer:

  • -Long term clan.
  • -Banter and friendly players.

Interested? DM either, IRISH#0710 or Rhino#5000 on Discord.

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