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Another "Not getting verification email" topic



Returning player. I logged into the website to change my account's email before playing, since I deleted my previous email (yahoo) which I had for 20 years, and I wanted to start clean with a new email (gmail). The problem is that I'm not getting the verification code. And before you ask:

* Did you check your spam?


*Did you check your trash?


* If you use gmail did it end up in a tab that you don't normally look at?

I'm aware of those tabs.

* Do you have personal filters that could have moved it to trash automatically?

No. Their email is whitelisted and in my contacts.

* Have you done a search for Zendesk?

Yes. It just tells you have to change your email.

*edit* Also, Tennoguard 2FA isn't enable on my account yet.

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