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Tusk Dargyn AI not Aggressive while in Archwing in the Plains of Eidolon


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I have encountered a bug in the AI for the Tusk Dargyns when I was playing in the Plains of Eidolon. I went into the Archwing and noticed that the Dargyns would fly right next to the Archwing and stop, with me being able to circle them and they don't shoot at me the entire time in the Archwing. Once you exit the Archwing though they immediately become aggressive while you are on the ground.  I attached some screenshots showing how close they will get and not be aggressive at all. I also created a diagnostic log of the play session if needed.20210525234726_1.jpg?psid=1&width=1455&h20210525234742_1.jpg?psid=1&width=1455&h20210525234226_1.jpg?psid=1&width=1455&h

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